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Watch out world…

Ben is walking!  He has been cruising while holding on to stuff for months now.  He could stand on his own, but really only when he didn’t notice he was doing it.  As soon as he realized he wasn’t holding on to anything, he would grab back on.  We knew he could walk, but he just wasn’t ready yet.  This past week he has been taking a few steps on his own.  At first it was just 2 or 3 steps between places to hold on.  Then it was a few more when he didn’t seem to realize he wasn’t holding on to anything anymore.

Today, he finally went for it.  He took about 10 steps on his own without an immediate end object to grab onto.  Meo and I saw it, and were super excited.  But with Ben’s history of reaching a milestone and then waiting a month to do it again, I was kind of thinking that would be it for awhile.  An hour or so later, however, he did it again!  I was able to grab my camera and get the third big set of steps on tape.  He is still cautious about walking, but he is full on doing it.  It is super cute to watch.  I love the stage where kids will be walking somewhere, stumble a bit, and just continue on their way crawling without thinking twice.  I think it is so cute!

I hope Ben doesn’t give up crawling too quickly, because it is so fun to watch.  But we are so proud of him.  We knew we could do it, he just had to wait until he was really ready.  We are loving this new stage, and can’t wait to see Ben running around with his cousins at Christmas!

My little toddler!


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