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Weekend Visit

This weekend we got to visit with my Aunt G and Uncle D!!  They were in town from out west.  Ben, Pat, and I headed over to Meo and Omi’s place Thursday after work to hang out with them.  We hadn’t seen them in forever, so it was so great to get together.  Sadly Pat had to work for a bit, but Ben and I were able to hang out until I had to get Ben home for bed.  G and D were so sweet and brought some great gifts for Ben.  They so did not have to do that, and Ben really loved them!  G and D currently have two grandkids, one of whom will be 2 soon.  So they know what babies like.  Ben really enjoyed meeting G and D, and of course playing with the toys.  He had a great time having dinner with everyone and entertaining us all by being so cute.

Saturday neither Pat nor I had to work!  Yay!  We are so grateful for our jobs, but it is always nice when we both have the full weekend off.  We took Ben to the park for a bit, and got a chance to get some things done around the house.  After a lovely family day, we met up with Meo, Omi, Aunt G, and Uncle D at Wine on the Fox.  I know, it sounds strange to take a baby to a wine event.  But it actually is pretty family friendly.  It was outside and the weather was great.  It was a tad windy, but otherwise just perfect.  They have live music, lots of room to hang out and relax, and free pop to those who sign up to DD!  Woot!  There were a lot of kids there, and Ben really enjoyed just watching everyone and seeing what was going on.  As always, he was great with all the people coming up to say hello.  (Meo and Omi know a ton of people in town.)  Uncle D and Aunt G enjoyed the local event as well.  After Wine on the Fox we went back to Meo and Omi’s again to BBQ.  While I had planned ahead and packed food for Ben, I didn’t think about how late we would be out.  So I didn’t have jammies or a plan for the evening.  We just winged it!  That might not sound like a big deal, but I tend to be a planner, especially when it comes to Ben.  So just going with the flow and not worrying too much about his schedule was a change.  Ben of course was great though.  We ended up staying out with him until almost 8!  Yeah, not really that late.  But for Ben it is!  He hasn’t stayed up that late since he was super tiny and pretty much just slept all the time.  I thought it would be good to see how he did, since he might be up late when we drive to visit Pat’s family this summer.  I don’t plan to keep him up to late, but I like to know what I’m in for if it happens.  Ben got a little tired, but he had a great time!  He went to bed with no problem.  Best baby ever.  🙂

Sunday we attempted to have more outdoor time, but it was a little rainy.  We ran a few errands and then just spent the day focused on playing.  During the week we get so busy with everything that has to get done, it is wonderful to just relax as the three of us and play.

The big development of the weekend is that Ben is starting to get a bit more mobile!  He isn’t crawling yet.  But now when he is on his tummy he rocks back and forth.  Plus he has started to push himself so he scoots backwards.  I have read that it is common for babies to start off pushing backwards before they go forwards, so Pat and I have to watch out!  Finishing baby proofing is a big priority for us now.  I know I’ll miss this time where Ben stays where I put him.  But I am super excited for the fun of him getting around.  Every new stage is so exciting!  True, things get crazier.  We will have to watch him even more closely.  We’ll have to be super careful of everything that Ben could get into.  But every stage is just so much fun!  I am so excited to see Ben explore his world even more.

All in all, another successful weekend for Team Cartwright.  I’m hoping we get to spend a lot more like this.  I love when family comes to visit us.  We get to see them and I don’t have to pack.  Score!  We had a great time visiting, and we had a great time just the three of us.  I love our little family and treasure this time we have together.

Excited to go see people!
My boys
Ben loves his new toys!
Fun outside
At Wine on the Fox


Ben, Meo, and Aunt G hanging out
Pat and Uncle D having fun
Part of the crew!
Ben loves his daddy
My handsome guys
Chatting with the guys
So happy, it was hard to sit still!
One last picture with Mommy
I stayed up so late!


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