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Whoops, birthday catch up

In all the baby prep and excitement, I didn’t get a chance to post about some important birthdays!!

Three of Ben’s grandparents had January birthdays.  I know they would have loved to share their birthdays with the girls, but the girls were born on their own day.  Pat and I are a little happy about that.  I mean, they already have to share it with each other.  But regardless of which actual day they were born, I knew all three grandparents would end up sharing their birthday fun and glory with the girls.

Gramma had her birthday on January 13th!  Happy late birthday, Gramma!  Sorry I was a bit wrapped up in deciding whether to induce or not and getting all the last minute stuff done before the girls were born to post.  The girls are happy to share their birthday month with you!

Omi had his birthday on January 22nd!  Sadly this year he got to spend some of his birthday in the hospital with us instead of partying.  (And the rest helping take care of a busy two year old.)  While we didn’t get to take him out to celebrate, he did get a good gift of grandbabies!  Although the poor guy is probably going to spend a lot more birthdays enjoying all things pink and girly from now on…
Grampa had his birthday on January 30th!  Fortunately I am only a few days past this one.  We’re sorry we didn’t get a chance to celebrate better with you.  I still have your birthday cards because I wasn’t sure when we would be seeing you.  But Ben and the girls are ready to party when you guys come visit!

So, I’m sorry grandparents.  The end of January is a busy birthday time for us, and I know that just by being kids the girls will take a lot of the birthday attention from here on out.  Meo kind of gets out of this by having a birthday in October, but don’t think she gets it much better.  As a Halloween baby she is used to getting her birthday put on the back burner for Halloween fun for the kids.  Maybe she has some tips on sharing the limelight. 😉

We do want to send another thank you to all four of the grandparents for all their help and love and support during the busy time just before the girls were born and now after.  Ben, Ali, and Sam are so fortunate to have such loving grandparents.  We love all four of you so much!


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