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Working from home

Our upstairs toilet had a leak.  You know what that means, a visit from the plumber.  It is understandable that plumbers work during the day.  I mean, normal people like to ply their trade during the day, so it is reasonable to think plumbers do as well.  (Though someone could probably make a killing specializing in ‘after hours’ home repairs.  Too bad I don’t know how to fix anything or I would start that up.)  Since the toilet had to be fixed, someone had to be home.  Fortunately, as an employee of Omi & Associates, I have the perk of being able to work from home!!

This is the first time Ben and I have worked from home.  We’ve had to stay home on occasion, but this time I had actual things to do.  I even had a work computer to log into the office and get the files I need.  Everything was ready for me to have a productive day while waiting for the plumber.  Everything except having a toddler home with me.  That was the mystery factor.

Well, I shouldn’t have been worried, because it went well!  I think it helped that we aren’t often home in the middle of the week, so it was different for Ben.  We got up and got ready just as it was a normal day, except instead of heading to the office we stayed home.  Ben ‘worked’ along with me.  He was pretty well behaved too!  Oh, there were a couple of time outs, but really, he’s 18 months old.  Things are going to happen.  Overall, he did really well!  We even got to spend a few minutes outside.  The plumbers came, I cleaned the bathrooms, did some laundry, and managed to get all the work I brought home done.  Oh, and kept the kid alive.

I don’t think working from home is something we are going to do to often.  It is too easy for me to get distracted by home tasks.  But every now and then I think it will work out well for us.  I of course managed to get a few pictures during the day.

Getting in some car time.
Our co-worker for the day!
Taking a little break.
Living room camping is an office perk at home.
My ‘office’ for the day.
We had a good day!

Thank you for letting us work at home, Omi!


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