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Posts from: September 2014

Quiet weekend

This weekend we got to spend some wonderful time at home.  We had to venture out twice, but overall we got to stay happily, peacefully at home.  We haven’t done …

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There is little cuter than a baby dancing.  Ben has always been a busy boy, and I think he enjoys music.  But he hasn’t really danced yet.  This morning he …

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Busy Ben

Ben just keeps getting better and better at pulling up on things.  While it is so much fun to watch him learn and explore, it is keeping us busy!  Here …

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Art Class

Ben went to his first art class!  A women in my mother’s group teaches art classes, and she hosted an open house class for ages 5 months to 5 years. …

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A Morning

A few days ago, Ben and I had A Morning.  You know the kind.  Everything seems rushed.  Unexpected obstacles pop up.  Things just don’t go right. Let’s back up to …

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