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29 Must Read Breastfeeding Posts

Breastfeeding.  If you think about it, nursing is something we really only focus on for a very short period in our lives.  I nursed my kids collectively for about 2.5 years.  (Of course, if you do the twin math it is more like 3.66.  You get to double everything with twins, right? 😉 ) That’s a long time, but in terms of a lifetime, well, it isn’t that long.  I mean, I was in college longer than that.  Yet when you are in that time period it is everything.  You spend hours of time nursing, not to mention the hours of time spent thinking about it and worrying about it.

Nursing is physical, mental, and emotional.  It can be beautiful, painful, and time-consuming.  It is a relationship between you and your baby.  For something that seems like it should be so natural, there is a lot that goes into it!  To help out I have collected some of the best breastfeeding posts from the ladies of the BFBN.  They cover everything from how to overcome specific struggles to successes to how to wean. And yes, there are some about choosing not to breastfeed.  That is an important part of the conversation.

I hope these great posts can help you through your breastfeeding experience.

Tips and Advice

Emily’s favorite breastfeeding supplies

Breastfeeding in front of siblings

Pumping and storing breast milk

Tips to increase supply

How to keep a sleepy newborn awake

10 tips for successful breastfeeding

Benefits of feeding on a schedule

Myth: Scheduled feedings will cause you to lose supply

Parent led versus baby led feedings

Saving money while breastfeeding

Overcoming Challenges

Sometimes Breastfeeding Hurts: Why breastfeeding can be painful and what to do about it.

Mastitis:  What it is and what to do about it.

Thrush: What it is and what to do about it.

Dealing with clogged ducts

How mom’s diet can impact baby

Real Mom Experiences

Emily’s story of breastfeeding her first child

Traveling while breastfeeding

Katrina’s breastfeeding story

Carrie’s experiences breastfeeding four children


How to Wean

5 Simple Steps to Weaning

Knowing when and how to drop a feeding

Weaning to cow’s milk

Twin Specific

The logistics of breastfeeding twins

Nursing Twins: the early days

Nursing Twins: thoughts on a year

How to wean twins

When Breastfeeding Isn’t For You

Caitlin’s breastfeeding experience

Why Christine chose to use formula

Breastfeeding can be beautiful but it can be tough too. Here is a resource with information to help you with every step of the journey. #breastfeeding #tips #pumping #mastitis #newborn #baby #twins #supply #schedule #latch #formula

I found all these posts to be so helpful.  Breastfeeding is a very personal thing. I encourage all moms to at least consider it and try.  But at the end of the day, you need to do what is best for you and your family.  I support you, Mama.

Breastfeeding can be more challenging than you think.  Fortunately I have put together a wonderful resource full of breastfeeding information and breastfeeding tips for moms in every stage of nursing.  These come from lots of moms and includes everything from breastfeeding supplies to pumping to formula feeding. Save this for your breastfeeding journey. #breastfeeding #BreastfeedingTips #NursingTips #PumpingTips #ExclusivePumping #FormulaFeeding #Babywise #BreastfeedingTwins

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