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4th of July Fun

4th of July has one of the first traditions Pat and I started back when we began dating.  The first 4th of July we spent together was super hot, of course, so we decided to just hang out in the air conditioning and eat hot dogs.  Hot dogs are a traditional summer cookout food, and cheap.  Two things we enjoy.  Granted those first couple of years we made them on the George Foreman instead of a real grill, but they were still pretty good.  We thought it was funny to enjoy our holiday hot dogs while watching the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest on ESPN.  Well, this little bit of fun has turned into a holiday tradition.  Every year we have hot dogs and of course watch the hot dog eating contest.  This year was no exception.

Ben and I had to work for a bit on Friday, but we ducked out of the office early to get ready for our hot dogs at home.  This year we were lucky to have Meo and Omi join us!  We played in the grass.  Then we had dinner and spent some fun time at the park.  Ben never gets tired of the swings.  He has so much fun on them!  Plus he loves watching the other kids run around.  Sadly, with all the excitement and company, Ben didn’t get to watch the hot dog eating contest with us.  But after he had gone to bed and Meo and Omi headed home, Pat and I got to have a ‘date night’ and watch it together.  I know, it doesn’t seem super romantic.  But we get a kick out of it and really enjoy our little tradition.  Way to go on your victory, Joey Chestnut!
Saturday we extended our 4th of July fun by having dinner with Ms. W and Mr. P.  This was our first time visiting their home ‘out in the country,’ and it was so nice!  Ben really enjoyed getting to eat outdoors.  It was great to spend time with some friends and enjoy the nice weather.  Plus I got some nice pictures!

We really enjoyed the first part of our holiday weekend.  I love building these memories with my Team!

Skyping with Gramma and Grampa!
My babies playing. 🙂
Feet in the grass with Meo!
What are you doing Mommy?
Hanging out on the deck.
Eating his treat. (An ice cube, less mess)
I love this face!
Sword practice
Staring contest!
The guys in their Hawaiian finest. 🙂
Like father, like son expressions.
Checking things out with Omi
My happy boys.


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Happy 4th of July!!
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