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Fishing Fun

Back at Christmas I gave Pat the gift of a Year of Dates.  Basically I planned an activity a month for us to be sure to do, and put them in twelve envelopes.  Pat opens that month’s envelope at the start of the month and we decide when we will do that activity.  Now, it hasn’t worked out perfectly.  We missed a couple of dates.  Strangely enough, both the dates involved golf.  We’ll get to them eventually though. The goal was to make spending time together having fun a goal.  I think we are succeeding.

This Sunday we had July’s date- fishing!  Yes, this was definitely a date for Pat, not so much for me.  Fishing is fine and all, but I prefer reading instead.  Back in the days before Ben, Pat and I enjoyed spending afternoons at Silver Springs.  I would pack up some snacks, Pat would fish and I would read.  It was a lovely way to spend a quiet afternoon.  Now it is a little different, I don’t get to just laze in the shade and read.  It’s a little busier and there are a few more items to bring when you head out with a 10 month old.  But I know Ben loves being outside and really enjoys when we are together as a family.  So this was a good date for Ben and Pat.

To get all geared up for family fun, Ben and Pat spent some quality time building mega block walls.  Okay, Pat built the walls and Ben knocked them down.  But close enough.  Later, after second nap on Sunday, we packed up and headed to Silver Springs!  Pat enjoys the ponds they have there, and I can always find some good shady spots to sit in.  I don’t want Ben’s delicate baby skin to get sunburned.  And let’s be honest, I don’t want wrinkles from too much sun!  We got all settled into a nice spot, Pat fished, and Ben and I played.  I brought some bubbles to blow for Ben.  We used them a long time ago, when Ben was only a few months old.  He didn’t seem to care about them too much.  He is a great age for them now.  He adored the bubbles.  He giggled and just lit up when I blew them.  It was a wonderful moment as a parent.  He looked at me like I was absolutely amazing, because I could blow the bubbles.  I know he won’t look at me like that often or for long, but I really enjoyed being able to bring such total happiness to my son’s life.  Just by blowing bubbles.  We had so much fun I forgot to take pictures while I was doing it.  Bummer about that, but now that we know he enjoys the bubbles so much, we will have to do it again!

Ben got to enjoy dining Al fresco for the second time in one weekend while we were at the park.  I enjoyed it as well.  When he threw some food around (something we are working on not doing), it was nice to just be able to toss it into the wooded area for an animal to eat, as opposed to wiping up the floor.  It was fun for all of us.

Overall, we really enjoyed our July date.  Pat got to relax and do some fishing with Ben and I nearby.  Ben got to enjoy playing and being outdoors.  And I got to spend some time with my boys.  I do enjoy getting out of the house for activities like this.  We have to pack up a lot of things to make these sort of outings happen, but it is worth it.  Once we are out of the house I can focus on Ben and Pat.  At home I am always thinking of chores I should be doing.  Laundry, cleaning the floor, cleaning out closets.  There is always something to be done.  If we aren’t home, I can’t do those things though.  I can put all my attention onto my family without the guilt of what I ‘should’ be doing.  A win for sure.

Testing the building materials
El Distructo in action!
This wall is huge!
This so fun
Watching Daddy fish.
Have toys, will travel
These baby feet love a good breeze.
Why do I have to wear a bib outside?
Loving on my little man
We love family outings!
My favorite little dude

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