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Cleaning Up

Like any good parent, I am super excited for when Ben is able to help out with chores.  I think it is good for kids to help out around the house.  They learn what it takes to take care of a home.  They learn to have a sense of pride in a job well done.  They learn responsibility.  They also learn just general life skills.  I mean, I’m not going to clean up after my kid forever, he is eventually going to have to do it himself.  Oh, and it will help me out around the house!  Yeah, that last one is a big one.  🙂

Lately Ben has gotten better about putting his toys ‘away.’  Away is used loosely because, well, the toys don’t always end up actually put away.  Sometimes they miss the box.  Sometimes the bounce out of the box.  Something he doesn’t quite let go of the toy.  Sometimes we loose interest completely.  Overall though, Ben is really starting to understand and enjoy the game of clean up.  It makes cleaning take longer at this point, but I think it is more important to have him help and learn how to clean up after himself than just do it myself.  He is learning that after we play we put our toys away, plus he is practicing his motor skills.  I just love multitasking.  🙂  
It is just adorable to see how proud of himself Ben is when he puts his toys away.  I like this time where he enjoys this little game! 
Here he is practicing his new skills while Meo and Omi look on.  
So many toys out!
Time to clean up!
Look, I’m putting it away!
Just let me chew on it one more time.
I’m having so much fun!
Well, we’ll keep working on it. 😉


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