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7 Months Old

Today Ben is 7 months old!!  I know it is cliche to say that time flies, but it is so true!  It really feels as though just yesterday we were learning we were going to have a baby, and now we have this little person to love.  I look at him sometimes and wonder where that tiny little guy I brought home from the hospital is.  Yet while it feels like he just got here, I also can’t imagine life without him!  How did I go so long without his smiling face?  How did I survive without feeling this amazing love for him?

He is doing wonderfully.  He is meeting all of his milestones.  So far he has 1 tooth, but a second is fast on the way.  He is sitting up like a champ.  He isn’t crawling or scooting yet, but you can tell he is working out how to move around.  You can see that brain working!  I know every mother says it, but Ben is so smart!  You can just tell.  He responds to his name, full and nickname.  He can look for Mommy, Daddy, Dagger, Meo, and Omi.  (Gramma and Grampa are harder since we sadly don’t see them as much.)  He is so observant.  Everywhere we go that head is turning every which way as he checks everything out.  He loves to giggle and smile.  I find myself doing some of the silliest things just to get that great giggle out of him.

Every day I delight in Ben.  Every day I am so thankful I was blessed to have him as my son.  So happy 7 months to Ben!  It’s been the best time, and I know it will just get better!!



Chewing on things is a big part of playtime.


Reading is fun!


Camera again, Mommy?


Back to my book.


I love this little man!!!

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