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A boy and his cat

I know the cliche is a boy and his dog, but I have a boy who really loves his cat.  Ben adores Dagger.  He loves to look at her.  He loves to pet (well, grab) her.  Now that he is mobile he loves to crawl after her.  Ben can be happily playing, catch a glimpse of Dagger, and be off.  Giggling and crawling down the hall to get to her.  He adores everything about her.

Dagger, I have to say, handles Ben quite well.  It took her a little time to get used to him, but it was never a negative thing.  The first couple of weeks she came running up to us any time he cried.  Then she realized he was going to cry a lot, and there was nothing she could do about it.  So she started just leaving the room if he bothered her.  I was very pleased with this.  Really it was the best that could happen.  She’s a typical cat and sleeps 90% of the time anyway, so it didn’t matter that she left the room we were in.  Dagger has always loved all the stuff that comes with a baby.  We suddenly had all sorts of toys and play mats to lay on.  There were toys that dangle down just begging to be batted at.  So Ben wasn’t all bad.

But Ben has gotten more and more interested in Dagger over time.  As I said, he can chase her down now.  Luckily for Dagger, Ben isn’t super fast and can’t climb up on the stairs yet.  I know it is just a matter of time.  Until then, we are letting Dagger figure out that she has to move herself out of his range if she doesn’t want to be touched.  Don’t get me wrong, we are trying very hard to teach Ben to be gentle and not grab and pull at her.  But at some point, Dagger does need to learn to get out of the way.  The thing is though, despite her meows of protest sometimes, I think she loves being loved by Ben.  She could very easily move or just go upstairs when he starts grabbing.  But she doesn’t.  She might move a few inches to get out of his immediate grasp, but she doesn’t take off running.  She lets him yank at her tail.  (Yes, we do try to prevent this.)  She lets him latch onto her fur.  She lets him give her big wet ‘kisses’ all over.

Dagger does sometimes go out of range.  She goes up on our big first step and watches Ben try to get her.  As soon as he appears to be moving on to something else though, she moves forward to regain his attention.  I think she likes her little brother.

I love how happy Ben looks to see Dagger.  He really does take delight in being around her.  It brings joy to my heart to see my baby and my fur baby playing together so well.

What Dagger sees coming for her…
Trying to get her to come play
Dagger is sneaky about her interest
Playing it cool…
Success!  Dagger can’t resist her toy.
Baby-cat tug of war
Ben loves Dagger


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