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A First Word

I have written before about how much Ben loves Dagger.  He adores her.  He hears her bell or sees her and just lights up.  Now that he is mobile he crawls after her.  He will sit on the stairs and babble at her while she sits where he can’t get her.  He loves to touch her and pet her.  Fortunately, Ben is getting a little better at being gentle.  He occasionally gets too excited and grabs on to Dagger, but we separate them as soon as that happens.  Dagger is learning to run away from Ben when she doesn’t want to be loved too much.  Overall though, they are sharing a wonderful relationship.

I recently got a few pictures of Ben and Dagger snuggling on the bed.  Well, Dagger is laying there and Ben is loving on her.  She was wonderful about it.  We never make Dagger interact with Ben, she always has the option to leave.  Sometimes she does.  This time though, she stayed on the bed and let Ben hug and kiss her.  She readjusted a few times to get him off of her.  This is understandable, the kid weighs almost three times as much as she does.  But overall, she just purred and nuzzled back.

The pictures are a little blurry, for a few reasons.  One is that I took them on my phone, and another is that Ben doesn’t really hold still well.  A big reason was that I was taking them one handed, while making sure that no one fell off the bed and trying to help Dagger out with a bit of defense.  (Toddler hands are grabby hands)  All good reasons, but I do apologize for the picture quality.

It was so wonderful to see my two little loves love on each other.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, patient, loving kitty.

So much love…

It is no surprise, seeing how much Ben loves his kitty, what his first word is.  The first official word from Benjamin: Dagger.


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