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Some kid stole my lunch

A kid stole my lunch today.  I’d like to say he was bigger, or mean somehow.  But he wasn’t.  In fact he was pretty cute.  Okay, if I’m being totally honest he didn’t exactly steal my lunch either.  I gave it to him pretty willingly.

Full story, after Ben had finished the first part of his lunch, he reached out toward my sandwich.  I of course gave it to him.  I did that for two reasons.  The first is because I am his mother and I’ll always let him eat my food if he is hungry.  The second, well, I didn’t think he’d actually eat it.  The fact it was a sandwich made me think he wouldn’t like it.  Ben is strange about carbs and usually doesn’t want anything to do with sliced bread.  At least if that sliced bread is given to him in his high chair.  (Serve it out of the garbage though, and apparently it is delicious.)  Besides the bread issue, it was a salami sandwich.  I know, not the healthiest of lunch meats.  But come on, it is tasty and it was on sale.  It is also a meat that can be hard to bite if you are still working on mastering the teeth you’ve only had for a few months.  Finally, it was a new-ish food that came from Mommy.  Ben eats most things Daddy hands to him, but he is suspicious of things from me.  Probably because I hand him so many vegetables and not as many bites of frosted flakes (ahem, Pat).  Despite all of these things, he took a bite.  Then he took another.  Then he dropped the sandwich.  But he picked it up and went at it again.

He didn’t actually eat that much of it, but he did thoughtfully sneeze on it before handing it back to me.  He then went on to eat most of the apple I packed for us to ‘share.’  About half an hour later, he dove into Meo’s sandwich from Potbelly’s as well.  You’d think we never feed the kid.

I’ll try this
Oops, dropped it
What’s in here anyway?
Who’s sandwich? Ben’s sandwich.
It’s pretty good.
Nom, nom, eating all the apple…
Whew, I am getting full
Time for second lunch!
Yum, sandwich the size of my face.

  I think I’ll be packing two sandwiches from now on…


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