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Arkansas 2015: Fun City

We’re back!  We just got back from our summer trip to visit the family in Arkansas!  We had so much fun.  It just gets better and better when we go because Ben can participate more and more with his cousins.  And boy, did he.  He kept up with them as much as he could!  It was great for Pat and me, because it meant he slept hard every night.  
Our days followed pretty much the same pattern.  Once everyone was up and ready for the day, we took the kids to fun activity in the morning.  Then we had some lunch, and everyone had naps.  (And yes, sometimes it was everyone, not just the kids;) )  Evenings were spent having yummy dinners and playing with the kids some more.  One night we even let Ben stay up late with the kids to watch Big Hero 6.  I know, we’re cool parents. 🙂  (By the way, good movie!  The adults liked it too!)
Our first full day we went to Fun City Pizza so the kids could play in the climbing area and play games.  Oh, and eat pizza.  (We ate a lot of pizza on this trip.)  Ben really enjoyed watching his cousins run through the play zone, even if he wasn’t quite ready to get in it himself.  He also quickly learned how to put tokens into games.  He preferred the ones in which he got to throw balls.  One has to be careful with him around skeeball though.  He doesn’t always throw it down the alley, and those balls are hard!  Charlotte was a sweetheart and kept Ben supplied with tokens.  He loved playing games with her.
All the kids had a blast running around like crazy.  It was a great way to hang out on our first day there!
It was hard to get Ben to sit for pictures
Love these kids!
Charlotte helping Ben explore
Joe and Ella playing hard
Ben spent some fun time with Daddy
Playing basketball!
The kids loved all the junk food we got to eat. 🙂

Charlotte, Joe, and Ella were all so great with Ben.  They shared their toys and included him in everything they did.  For his part Ben was great about sharing his toys.  We are still working on taking turns with him, but in his defense he really hasn’t had a ton of chances to practice.  He is usually the only kid around.  It was good practice for him and his cousins took good care of him to make sure he was always having fun.  I loved seeing Ben do so well with the other kids, I think he is going to be a great big brother!


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