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Arkansas 2015: Painting cookies

Whenever we visit Arkansas, I try to bring some sort of fun little activity to do with the kids.  Usually something crafty, as, well, I like to do that kind of stuff.  Ben is finally getting old enough to participate, and this year I brought something new he could do with us.  A local mom from my Mothers and More group bakes cookies and cakes for special occasions.  She also does a really fun type of cookie- the paint your own cookie.  It is so cute.  It’s basically a sugar cookie with frosting, and on that frosting is an outline of a picture.  Attached to the cookie is another one that looks like a little paint palate you would find with a water color book.  The special part is that the ‘paint’ is also frosting.  You use water on the extra frosting and paint your cookie.  Then you can eat all of it!  So cute and fun.

I picked a Mickey Mouse design for the kids to paint.  I used Ben’s birthday as an excuse to get his favorite.  They loved it!  We painted the cookies after nap time, then the kids got to eat them for dessert after dinner.  It was fun, cute, easy to clean, and a big hit.  If anyone wants the info on how to get the cookies, send me an email.  I’ll pass it on!

The eating is the best part!

The cookies are sold by the half dozen, so the adults got to participate a bit as well.  I was so happy the cookies survived the long drive as well.  I may have to make these an Arkansas tradition!


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