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Arkansas Vacation: Splash Pad

One reason I was super pumped to go to Arkansas was to give Ben the chance to play in a kiddie pool or something similar before he takes swimming lessons later this summer.  We’ve had warm weather here, but not consistently warm enough to inspire Pat or I to go ahead and get out his kiddie pool.  As northerners though, we just assume it is always warm enough to swim in Arkansas.  (Yes, even when I hear about ice storms there.  I default to the south being warm.)  Well Aunt Lindsay had an even better idea for us- Splash Pad!!

It worked out really well.  After Ben’s morning nap we quick fed the kids lunch and headed over.  Oh my, it was so much fun!!  I know not everyone knows what a splash pad is.  Basically it’s a flat fountain kids can play in.  It is a big area with water jets that shoot out a different times.  Kids love it.  Heck, I loved it! We were able to run around and get all wet.  Gramma was with us and held down home base.  It was great to have someone the kids could run to and grab a drink of water, or just take a minute to breath.  The pad had several outer fountains that didn’t splash very high, perfect for Ben!  I almost think I had more fun watching him delight in the water than he did playing in it.  He loves playing in the bathtub, so this was great to him.  He doesn’t even mind getting water on his face!  The older three charged through the water like they meant business.  After playing with Ben for awhile, I let Aunt Lindsay enjoy some baby time and I went around after the big three.  I had so much fun splashing around with them!!

We didn’t stay at the splash pad for too long.  Ben did have to get his afternoon nap.  I was a little concerned, as he was going for his nap later than normal.  But he was just fine.  In fact he fell asleep almost as soon as he was in the car!  That isn’t something he does on a regular basis.  Then when we got home he slept for another two hours.  The older three kids napped as well.  Score for tiring them out so well!

We have a splash pad here in town and we will be going there this summer for sure.  You can see a video of Ben having fun here.

Checking things out with Gramma
Ben and Mommy!
Playing with Aunt Lindsay
Ella being a bunny
Charlotte and Joe in action!
Touching the water!
Ella helped.
More Ella!
My favorite of Joe
Charlotte on the move!
So much fun!

The kids were so busy playing it was hard to get pictures of them!  After a few shots I had to put the camera down to get in on the fun.  Looking back at these pictures makes me miss Charlotte, Joe, and Ella so much!  I love that Ben has such great cousins.

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