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Thankful Thursday: Summer Festivals

This Thursday marks the start of summer festival season for Team Cartwright!!  It is Prairiefest weekend!  Pat and I love going to all the small town events that we can.  We go to the county fairs.  We go to ribfests and music nights on the river.  We love to have a reason to get out, eat some yummy (but very unhealthy) fair food, and have a ton of fun.

Prairiefest is one of our favorites.  It has a ton of vendors to look at, our favorite jerky vendor, a petting zoo, good food, and good music.  In past years we have seen Gin Blossoms, Eddie Money, and Sister Hazel.  This year we will be seeing Rusted Root.  And it is free!  This year we will also be a part of a new activity, Diaper Derby!  It’s a crawling race for babies under 18 months old.  Now, Ben is great at scooting around on his belly.  He can shift and wiggle and eventually get places.  However, I wouldn’t say he is technically crawling yet.  So I don’t think his chances of winning are very high.  We are hoping it will show him how fun it is just to compete.  🙂  And who knows, maybe he is just waiting for his big moment to debut his crawl.  (I don’t think that is the case though.)  I am very excited for this chance to be with my family and have a ton of fun.  Omi and Associates is even shutting down the office a little early to be there to support one of their own in the race.  Meo and Omi are going to watch Ben so Pat and I can check out Rusted Root.  It doesn’t start until 9, and that is way too late for Ben!

I am happy that this means the start of our fun times at summer fests.  We always have a ton of fun, and I am so excited to share it with Ben this year.  I am thankful for summer festivals and the opportunity to attend and have fun at them.

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