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Arkansas Vacation: The Rest

The biggest activity on our vacation was just hanging out spending time together.  The kids enjoyed playing together.  We were able to go out a few times and have some good food.  A lot of good food actually.  Ben got to enjoy most of it too.  Part of BLW means that we feed him what the group is eating as much as possible.  I usually brought along a few vegetables and some fruit to be sure he had a couple of healthy options.  But for protein he just got some of what Pat and I ate.  He got his first restaurant meal just for him on this trip too!  At Catfish Hole, kids under 4 get a free meal, so we got one for Ben.  It was just a piece of chicken and some fries.  We didn’t let him eat fries on this trip.  You can get those anywhere and they are not healthy.  We did let him try a piece of fried okra.  He seemed to really enjoy it, but he only got one little piece.  That is something we don’t have around where we live, so I don’t mind him trying a regional treat.

Fortunately the whole family is working on being healthy, so Ben wasn’t just fed junk food the whole trip.  For most of it he kept to his regular diet.  He did get to enjoy some brisket at the barbecue place we went, and that was a hit.

One night we got an after hours tour of Lindsay’s workplace.  She had to pick up some papers, so we all came with and she showed us around.  She works for Life Styles.  They work with individuals with developmental disabilities, and Lindsay is awesome at her job!  It was fun to see all the classrooms and activity centers in her office building.

We had so much fun visiting Arkansas.  It was great to see the family and watch the kids interact.  Charlotte, Joe, and Ella were wonderful with Ben.  They shared all their toys and seemed to really enjoy being with him.  LadyBird was fabulous too.  She is so good with kids!  Ben managed to grab each of her cheeks in his hands at one point, and she didn’t seem to mind at all!  (We did not let him grab her, it was an accident.)  She was also very helpful in cleaning Ben’s oatmeal off of him one morning.  She is a sweet, sweet dog and we loved seeing her.  We enjoyed spending time with the adults too!  It was great to see Lindsay, Chris, Gramma, and Grampa.  Overall, we think it was a successful vacation.  Now we get to start planning our next trip out there!

Here are some final pictures from the vacation.

Gramma and Charlotte!
Out to eat
Need a picture with Mommy too.
The guys!
The ladies!
At least Ben was happy about the picture.
Grampa and his grandsons
Enjoying an ice cream treat
We love ice cream!
Ben and his favorite Aunt Lindsay
Vacation style- check!
Charlotte and Ella modeling
I tried to get a picture of these three…
Ben can’t wait to go back!


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