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Baby Watch: 2016

Twin update!  Okay, there is really nothing to update.  They aren’t here yet.  We are in the 36th week.  I know for a single baby that means plenty of time before we should start to be on baby watch.  But with twins, well, it’s on.  We are in the any time now stage.  It is exciting of course, but also frustrating.  With Ben of course I was excited to meet him, and in general looking to get things going.  I never was good at being patient.  But I could relax a bit knowing he was fine, first time moms often go late, he had until 42 weeks before we really had to worry, etc.  With the girls it is a little different.  We are on a bit stricter of a deadline.  I know I said in the last update we were hoping for 37 weeks.  That has been up for a bit of debate between my doctors and myself, but needless to say we are focused on what is best for the girls.  That being said, I am hoping to avoid induction.  Not judging or anything I just think it is easier on my body if things happen naturally.  Of course I might not get that choice, the girls’ health comes first.

So while we are on baby watch 2016:

Keep Calm.  I’m still pregnant.

Yes, this is more for me than anyone else.  I have never been good at waiting for things when I have decided it is time for them to happen.  I don’t like when things are out of my control and I have to just let them proceed as they will.  But that is all you can do in these final days of a pregnancy.  I suppose it is good for me to get back to a go with the flow attitude.  Two newborns are going to be making a lot of decisions for me soon. 😉

Fortunately things are ready to go at home.  Yes, day to day living means there is always more to clean up, more laundry to do, and so on.  But overall we are ready to drop everything and go have some babies!  I have still been using this time to hang out with Ben and enjoy our one on one time.  Pat had yesterday off for MLK day.  I was happy to have another family day to relax just the three of us.  Ben has been his usual busy delightful self.  One reassuring thing to me is knowing just how much fun he is going to have with Meo and Omi while Pat and I are at the hospital with the girls.  It is going to be a very special time for him.

While we wait, Ben has been keeping us highly entertained, just by being him.  Here are some silly pictures of him over the past week or so.

I just love this little guy so much!  I am so excited for our growing family.  I can’t wait to see Ben shine as a big brother!


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