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They’re here!

They’re here!  Okay, they got here about a week ago.  I know it has taken me awhile to update about our sweet girls, but we have just been settling into home and getting to know our new family of 5.  I’ll write about their birth story soon, and about all that has taken place since their birth.  Until I get a chance to do that, here are the basics.

Our sweet daughters were born Thursday, January 21st.  Alison arrived first at 3:19 pm, and Samantha quickly followed at 3:23 pm.  Ali was 5 pounds 11 ounces and 19 inches long.  Sam was 5 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches long.  All signs point to them being identical.  (I know, we have gone back and forth on this for a while.  Trust me when I say sometimes it is not as clear as it should be if twins are identical or fraternal.)  They do look almost exactly alike.  As we get to know them we are getting better at noting the differences, but I still write down what they are wearing anytime I change their clothes.

They have been as sweet as can be.  They are eating well and sleeping as well as any new baby can be expected to.  Ben is adjusting pretty well to life with sisters.  It’s hard for him, but he isn’t really acting out.  Pat and I are trying to shower him with love and attention as much as possible.  I think he’ll come around to his new role amazingly well.

And finally, the most important thing right now- Pictures!!

I haven’t posted a lot of belly shots.  I’m not entirely sure how much people want to see that (or more accurately how much I want people to see that.)  But I wanted to note how big my belly was at the end.  This is from the morning the girls were born.

Later that afternoon, the girls were here!  This is my first picture with my sweet daughters.  And no, I am already not sure who is on which side.  Whoops, sorry girls.  Identical twin problems start early, huh. 😉  (Note, this is only like 2 hours after birth, so ignore the fact it looks like they left a third sister in there.)


And the proud father!!  Pat and his daughters.  I think he is already trying to figure out how to keep them from dating.  Ever.  🙂

Our first picture as a family of five.  Ben was able to come meet the girls shortly after they were born.  He loved running around the room and trying to push buttons, but he wasn’t too sure about the new babies yet.  We haven’t pushed him.  He also wasn’t too keen on holding still for pictures, but this is better than nothing, and an accurate portrayal of what was going on.  I’m sure we have plenty of pictures to come of our whole family, but not a single kid actually looking at the camera. 🙂

So there we are!  Team Cartwright is now a family of 5!!  I kind of still can’t believe it.  Yes, I know I was pregnant for long enough to come around to adding to the family.  And yes, I know we’ve known it was twins for a long time too.  But I look at my girls and I can’t believe these two amazing little people were all squished in my belly.  I know it is cliche, but it really is a miracle.  I feel so blessed when I look at all three of my miracles.  Life just got crazier.  Pat and I are officially outnumbered.  But I also know it just got so much better.  I love all my babies so much.  We are so blessed.

Thank you to all our friends and family for the love and support throughout the pregnancy.  And thank you to everyone for all the outpouring of love for all three of our little ones this past week.  We love you and appreciate you all.


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