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Basketbal hoop

Pat was a savvy garage sale shopper and got Ben a basketball hoop for almost nothing!  He and Ben have been having fun playing with it in the back yard.  The girls and I decided to get in on the action a bit recently.

Ben’s favorite is to slam dunk.  He yells “Score!” every time.  The funny thing about that is he grabs a ball, and backs up into Pat or me until we pick him up to dunk.  We are trying to teach him to actually toss the ball at the hoop, but he is not into that yet.  We currently have the hoop in the backyard, so we are holding off on any dribbling lessons.

Slam dunk!

The girls were happy to be outside in the nice weather.  They were totally rocking their Dr. Seuss matching onesies.  I love these onesies because their twin cousins Joe and Ella wore them too!  Yay for twin cousin hand me downs!


In typical toddler fashion, Ben was not interested in my attempts to teach him the rules of the game.  (And yes, I do know them.  I actually played in high school back in the day.  I have not actually maintained any skills though:P ) Pat and I ended up having a little one on one game to show him the ropes a bit.  As you can tell from how diligently he paid attention that went really well.

Not interested in Mommy and Daddy’s shenanigans
The girls were not into it either

Ben did enjoy his firetruck while we goofed off.  And he liked our mini game of dodge ball we played with him.  (Good parenting there, right?)

Overall Ben loves the hoop, and I am loving playing with it too!

Sigh, 4 months old and already not wanting to take pictures with mommy. 🙂

Cutest little hoopster!


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