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First swim of summer!

 This past weekend was Memorial Day weekend, that means summer!  We kicked it off at Meo and Omi’s house- yummy grilling and Ben’s first swim of the year!!

I love that Ben still likes this little pool.  It is small, but it is so easy to set up and use.  (Even easier for me because Omi does it.;) ) It is just the right size for a little splashing around.  It will be great for the girls when they get a little bigger too!  The water was freezing, but Ben didn’t care.  He had a blast playing, and Pat had fun watching him!

Daddy lifeguard

 The girls aren’t ready to do much swimming yet, they were more in the mood to hang out and wiggle.  So of course I stayed inside with them instead of enjoying the outdoor fun with the boys.  (Also known as letting Pat sit in the heat while I stayed in the a/c.)  I am loving breaking out the cute summer outfits for the girls.  Is there anything sweeter than those little legs and baby feet?  The girls are really getting into their lovies as well.  I hope they like theirs as much as Ben loves his!

Sammy with her monkey and Ali with her duck

Ben rocked his summer shirt after his swim.  He loved watching the car race the men were watching too.  (Yes, I was told which one it was.  No, I don’t remember.  I am not a car person.) He also found one last Easter Egg that was hidden in the house.  Fortunately there wasn’t anything in it, and we had a good time re-hiding it when he wasn’t looking.

Grilling, swimming, and looking cool?  Summer is off to a great start!


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