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Memorial Day picnic

We spent the day before Memorial Day with Meo and Omi.  We were lucky enough to spend the actual holiday with Auntie Laura!  Sadly I dropped the ball on pictures while she was over.  We spent the day the traditional way- Pat grilled up some burgers for us and we pigged out. 🙂  Then we played with the kiddos.  While they napped Laura and I got some much needed girl time in.  I so appreciate Laura’s friendship!

Wearing the great shirts Auntie Laura gave us! (Sammy left, Ali right)
That evening we did go out to a park to have a picnic!  Ben and I have decided that this summer we are going to try to go to every playground in the park district area.  Okay, I decided that.  But Ben isn’t arguing.  That is 24 playgrounds to visit!  We need to go to more than one a week most weeks!  We’ve already been to four, only twenty more to go! I like having a challenge for the summer, especially one that gets us out of the house and playing!
We went to one I had driven by before that looked pretty cool.  It was awesome!  The whole thing is a music theme.  There were a ton of drums to bang on, giant gourds that rattled, and a huge slide.  Ben loved the ‘drum park’ as we called it.  We’re going to have to add it to the regular rotation.  (I’m not sure how, we have so many more to visit!)
And to think this kid used to hesitate at slides!
Making music.

 While we were there we enjoyed one of my favorite parts of summer- picnics.  I love to cook, but I also like having a reason to just put together some sandwiches and make it easy.

I love my boys in their Captain America shirts!

 We are really seeing the girls’ different personalities comes out as they get bigger.  Ben always loved being outside.  Sammy appears to be following suit.  I looked down at her and she was just smiling away outside.

Loving the park!
She caught me looking at her. 
Ali seems to be a little more like me.  She isn’t as thrilled with being outdoors.  That’s okay, I get it.  I think she’ll be more excited about it when she can actually run around and play.  I always like it better when I give in and just play.

Not impressed.
She perked up when she saw me looking at her!

The playground is a handicap accessible one, and we were the only ones there.  Perfect chance to bring Sammy and Ali onto the equipment for the first time!

Girls first time playing on the equipment! Kinda 😉

 Ben discovered sand on this trip.  Sigh, I am not a fan of sand.  Honestly, I think it just glorified dirt.  I know kids love it, and I won’t stop Ben (or Pat) from playing in it.  But I am not looking forward to future sand clean up in the house.  Oh well, you can’t stop a little kid from wanting to dig in the sand.

Dig! Dig!
That wrapped up our holiday weekend.  Pretty relaxed, which was wonderful.  Good food and fun with friends and family is all we need.  
I am so grateful for all those who have fought for out country, especially those who paid the ultimate price.  Our country might not be perfect, but I feel so blessed to call it home.


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