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BFBN Week: 6 Rules for Keeping Children Safe from Strangers

It’s a Babywise Friendly Blog Network (BFBN) week!  This week the great ladies are all talking about different areas of Stranger Danger.

To start out this week we have Val from Chronicles of a Babywise Mom.  She has some tips for helping children learn stranger danger.

She says:
I am living in a conflicting state of mind. I bet many of you are, also. 

On this one hand, I want my children to have freedom to just be children. I want them to be able to roam and play like I could as a child. I want them to be able to ride their bikes several blocks to a friend’s house. I want them to be able to live with more spontaneity and not so much “play date” planning. I read Free Range Kids (affiliate link). I loved the book. I agree we might be overly paranoid and sensitive living in our 24 hour news media culture.
But then there is my other hand. By nature, I am a “better safe than sorry” kind of gal. And I don’t care if “only” a small percentage of children ever get kidnapped when doing xy and z. If my child became a statistic, I would wish I had been more careful.”
I totally agree with this.  I want my kids to be free to enjoy childhood, but I worry about safety.  Val has some great ideas to help teach children how to be safe.

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BFBN Week: “Stranger Danger”: Balancing Awareness without Living in Fear
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