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BFBN Week: “Stranger Danger”: Balancing Awareness without Living in Fear

BFBN Week, day two.  Today’s Stranger Danger post is from Emily over at The Journey of Parenthood.  

Emily writes: “It seems like every day we are being bombarded with stories in our newsfeed of situations occurring regarding “strangers” and moms with kids. It seems to be becoming a more and more common trend. I have always tried to avoid places that make me feel uncomfortable and have always felt like Target and Publix are “safe” places to go, especially with my children. But now these are the very same places that I keep seeing pop up in my newsfeed where moms are having to take a stand against men who appear to want to potentially harm them or their children on some level. Clearly the “creepers” have gotten smart and realized Publix and Target are “the” mom places to go. Ugh.
But we also can’t live in a constant state of fear. There HAS to be a balance! Here are some of my personal strategies to going out and about while dealing with “stranger danger” fears

Text: "Stranger Dancer": Balancing Awareness without Living in Fear. Picture: 3 children in shopping cart at a craft store

I totally agree with her.  I want to keep my kids safe, but I don’t want to feel like the only way to do that is to just stay home all the time.  Not to mention I don’t think the kids would be very happy if that is all we did!  Emily has some great points on how to still get out and about, but keep our selves and our children safe.


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