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Bounce Town

While Pat was on spring break we took Ben and the girls to Bounce Town!  I was very excited to take Ben there.  It is actually in the same office park as Omi’s office, but so far Ben has shown absolutely no interest in bounce houses.  We have had the opportunity for Ben to try them out at assorted events and he has always given a resounding no.  Neither Pat nor I had ever been to Bounce Town though, and we wanted to take advantage of the fact that we could kind of have a spring  break for once.  (Working in the accounting/bookkeeping field spring break is usually spent with me super busy at work!) We packed up the kids and headed over.

Ben did enjoy it at first, but being the cautious kid he can be he wanted to kind of look around and take everything in.  He liked walking around with Pat, and he loved the energy of the place.  But he did not want to actually go into any of the bounce houses.  Bounce Town has several rooms with lots of things to jump in, and we found a little bounce meant for toddlers.  Being the awesome parents we are we went ahead and plopped Ben right inside.  That didn’t go so well.

A very angry Ben.

Fortunately there were activities that didn’t require actually going in to any bounces.  Ben loved tossing footballs and basketballs around.  He also really loved just running back and forth in the the big rooms.  We played a couple of games of skeeball.  Ben really seemed to be enjoying himself, so we didn’t think we had wasted our money in going there.  Of course Ben was missing what we thought was the main point of a place like Bounce Town- the bouncing.  He was having a lot of fun, which was the purpose of our outing.

Let me give you a hint- overhand skeeball is harder than it looks. 😉
I had to grab a selfie with my boy!
He ran the whole time!
We were all having a lot of fun.  While we were glad we went, Pat and I were thinking we would wait a little longer before coming back.  Then, in typical little kid style, everything changed.  Literally, we had ten minutes left in our block of time and Ben climbed into a bounce house.  He decided he loved it!!  

Happy kid!
Bounce Town was a hit.  We were so glad Ben finally got into a bounce house and liked it!  We will be going back at some point.  I think it will continue to be a two parent outing at this point.  It is a big place and I want Ben to be able to run about freely, which is hard to do when I am chasing him and carrying his sisters.  Pat and I are both super proud of Ben for finally giving the bounce houses a try,  It is nice that he is cautious most of the time, but we want him to be willing to try new things.  It’s so fun to see him grow up and participate in all these big boy activities!  
Oh yes, and the token picture of the girls:
Living it up, as always.

They had a lot of fun too. 😉


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