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Bunny Hop

The weekend before Easter we really went for it with Easter activities.  A nice thing about my staying home with the kids is that I can get all our home chores done during the week.  This leaves the weekends open for fun!  
We started our weekend at church where they had an Easter brunch.  It was a great reason to bring the girls to church to meet people too!  I love supporting this sort of church activity, even if we are slackers when it comes to actually attending service sometimes. Ben was super excited because, well, bacon.  Kids got to eat for free, but of course Ben scammed bacon from Meo, me, and Pat.  He is so our kid in that respect. 😉  Meo was happy because she got to sit and hold the girls.  
A little blurry, but my boys and their bacon. 🙂

The boys, Meo, and Ali! (Sammy was still asleep)

After our yummy brunch we went to the Bunny Hop!  This was actually our first year doing the Bunny Hop, and I’m so glad we did it!  Ben was so excited by the cow at Chick-fil-a, we thought he for sure would love to see the Easter Bunny.  And he did!  We got to the hop a little  before it started, and I am so glad we did.  There was already a line to see the bunny!  We got to see him arrive, escorted by the fire department. Oh yes, Ben was pumped about that.  The line moved along really well, so we didn’t have to wait too long.  While we did wait Pat and I took turns standing in line with the girls, and Ben got to check out some real bunnies.  They were so cute!  It was a chillier day, so some of the bunnies were cuddled up with blankets.  A couple of little ones were actually in the big pockets of their owners hoodies.  It was adorable.

After petting all the bunnies, we got a chance to meet the Easter Bunny!  Meeting the bunny was pretty quick.  I mean, you don’t have to give a list or anything like with Santa.  A couple of hugs and pictures and we were on our way.  But Ben really was thrilled by it.  He was jumping up and down and just so happy!

Too excited to sit still 😛
Another hug

After seeing the Easter Bunny we stopped by the library for Ben to play.  This was important though, because the girls took their first bottles!  Well, their first bottles since they had to supplement in the hospital.  I am so happy we are doing well nursing, but I want to make sure they can take bottles too.  I was a little worried, the bottles were a bit on the chilly side.  And they flowed a lot faster than what happens when nursing, but the girls did well!  They did eat, which is what counts.  It was a little messy and slow, but it is so comforting to know they can take a bottle.  Good job, ladies!

After the girls got to eat and Ben got to play, we visited the rest of the hop.  Basically it is Easter trick or treating.  Stores downtown have different treats the kids can come in a get.  Ben loved it.  Pat ended up taking him into most stores, and Ben seemed so happy to be walking around with his Daddy.

Heading in for treats!
The girls napped after their bottle success.

When we were hopped out we headed home for some lunch.  It was a great activity!  I think we will be doing it in future years as well.  We were able to have a lot of fun, but still rest up that afternoon.  This was good because the next day was Ben’s first Easter Egg Hunt!  Pictures from that coming up soon.  🙂


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