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Carb Free

I have to say, as I have posted before, I am loving baby led weaning.  One of my favorite parts is giving Ben new foods and seeing how he reacts.  Isn’t that fun to do with anyone? 🙂

We haven’t give Ben a lot of breads or really anything with wheat.  I’ve experimented with using oatmeal to make baked goods.  I’ve offered up corn tortillas.  Ben likes potatoes.  But a lot of sources say to hold off on wheat for awhile, so we hadn’t been giving Ben any.  It isn’t a big deal not to give him any.  I was hoping he would like the corn tortillas because they would give me an easy way to give him food that is spreadable, like hummus.  Of course I am always looking for foods that are quick to prepare, travel well since we bring lunch to work, and that are healthy.  The oat bread, well, that was interesting.  Ben is coming around to it.  The first batch was rather tasteless, so I think he was unsure to try the next one.

Now that Ben has been eating solids for about two months, Pat and I decided we were okay with Ben having the occasional taste of wheat.  This past weekend we had pancakes.  We thought, hey, kids love pancakes.  Let’s have Ben try them out.  It would be good to have another breakfast alternative.  We don’t often have pancakes, so they could easily stay a treat food.  Yeah… Ben was not interested.  He tasted the pancake and tossed it aside.  His current favorite?  Brussels Sprouts.  Yes, my child tossed aside a pancake in favor of a Brussels sprout.  Granted we didn’t put butter or syrup or anything on it.  But really?  We have also now given him a taste of Hawaiian rolls.  I remember absolutely loving those as a kid.  I still do in fact.  Ben?  Nah.  He had a bite, but preferred his cauliflower.

So where do we stand?  Ben loves fruit.  Ben loves vegetables.  Ben loves meat.  Ben even likes Greek yogurt.  Carbs?  No thanks.  No corn, no tortilla, no bread, no pancakes.  We jokingly call him our little Atkins baby.  I know all these eating habits will change.  In fact they will change repeatedly.  So I am enjoying how easy it is for Ben to eat his vegetables while I can.  I also know that I need to look at Ben’s diet over a period of time, not just a single day or meal to determine if he has a good balance of foods.  What I’m wondering is if I can stretch that time period for a few years.  When he wants nothing but mac and cheese or chicken nuggets in a few years, can I not worry because he had so many vegetables when he was a few months old? 😉

I love vegetables!


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