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Easter Fun

We hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!  Ben had a wonderful first Easter.

We started the holiday early be spending the night at Meo and Omi’s place.  They are about 15 minutes closer to the church we go to.  With a baby and an 8:15 am service, those few minutes really help.  Plus it was nice to have all our stuff there so after church we could get Ben back and into nap time on schedule.  Meo and Omi were out when we got to their place.  This was the plan, and of course we had no problems making ourselves at home.  We unpacked and had dinner.  Then we got to take a great family walk!  Meo and Omi are right on a river.  Plus they have a pond behind their place.  Okay, it is a retention pond, but it is still pretty fun.  We love to take walks back there.  And Ben loves to go outside!!  He had a great time.

Easter Sunday was fun and relaxing.  We were able to go to church and get Ben home in time for nap time.  Always a win. 🙂  Meo and Omi had Mr. P and Ms. W over for Easter brunch with us!  All we did all day was eat and enjoy each other’s company.  It was a great way to spend the holiday.

I am so thankful for a wonderful Easter weekend!

Ready to head outside!

Ben loves to be outside.

This is so fun!

Easter Morning
Can’t skip breakfast on such a big day.
Hanging out after church.

My boys!

Playing with the toys the Easter Bunny brought!
Our cute little bunny.
Tuckered out from a fun weekend.


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