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Christmas 2016: Southwest Adventures

We might not have a white Christmas here in our new state, but there are some serious perks to offset missing out on the snow.  A couple days after Christmas we all went hiking!  After eating all the delicious treats on Christmas Eve and Day, it was nice to get out and get moving.  We have a regional park nearby our house that has a nice little path we can take the stroller on.  (I have to admit we still use the term ‘hiking’ pretty liberally.  The path we take is a half mile loop.  Sometimes we just do the loop once and it takes almost an hour.  You can see the car pretty much the whole time, but Ben likes to talk about how we are in the wild.  Hiking with a double stroller and a three year old is really just a fancy walk.:P)

Ready to have fun!


Omi, Meo, and Uncle Jared on the trail!


Ben got all the guys to throw a couple of rocks.  He love to do that!

Ben  loved running around with Pat and showing off our hiking trail to Meo, Omi, and Uncle Jared.  Ali and Sammy were pretty happy to be out in the fresh air too.  It seems crazy to me that it was the end of December and the girls were going without socks.  It gets nice and warm in the sun!  With extra adults Pat and I were finally able to actually go up one of the mountains together!  Meo hung out with the girls, Omi walked around with Ben, and Uncle Jared, Pat and I went up!  The view was really beautiful.  I can’t wait until the kids are bigger and we can go up even taller mountains!

Meo and Omi taking care of the kids 🙂


Heading up the mountain!  Uncle Jared kept the holiday spirit alive with is Christmas sweater. 🙂


Brother and sister at the top!!


These guys are great. 🙂


Up top with my love!


Sweet babies on the trail.


Gotta stay hydrated in the desert!

Ben was nice and tuckered out after all the running around.  The rest of us got enough activity to feel like we earned another good meal, even if we didn’t break a sweat.  I miss the snow around the holidays, but I really do love getting to enjoy outdoor activities with our out of town visitors!

Me and Meo!


One last with my big bro.



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