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Christmas 2016: Christmas Day!

After our fun filled Christmas Eve, it was Christmas Day!!!

I had planned to let the kids get up a little early.  (Yes, BW moms are flexible enough to ignore the daily wake time for a good reason.;) ) Of course since I wanted to get the kids up early they actually slept in a bit.  Once they woke up I nursed the girls in their room while Pat kept Ben entertained in his room.  Then we let them out to see if Santa had been there.  And he had! 😉

Santa left a note!!

We spent the first part of the morning opening gifts.  Ben and the girls were so cute!  Ben loved handing out presents and of course opening his own.  He liked to help the girls open theirs, so we had a chance to teach him about letting his sisters’ have their own things.  After gifts we did breakfast.  The girls had their first nap, Ben played with his new toys, and the grown ups got ready to head back to Aunt Gail and Uncle Dan’s house!

So excited to see the presents!  My happy Christmas boy.


Gotta love the group gifts.  Something for all three!


The girls adored the zoo!


Buzz and Woody!  Woot!


You have to get two light sabers to fight.  Ben always picks the red one.  Should I be worried?


Uncle Jared got Ben binoculars!  The same ones that were at our old library and Ben missed so much.  Thank you!


The big gift! A motorcycle big wheel!  Ben adores it!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying family and more good food.  Ben once again adored playing with his cousins.  We set up a toy zone in the office for them to play safely.  Ali and Sammy happily went from one set of arms to another.  They really ate up all the attention!  We were smart this time and brought the high chairs so everyone could eat at the same time.  Yes, they are bulky to bring.  But it was so nice to have a place for the girls to eat!  Ben was allowed to skip nap for the holiday.  He did really well with it!  We had a few minutes of being a bit emotional, which I know had to do with being tired and just all the excitement of the days.  But overall I was pleased with how he did and I am happy we know we can let him skip nap from time to time!  The girls were champs and fell asleep in their pack and plays with no problem.  Yes, it was also a bit bulky to bring two pack and plays.  The girls need their own space though.  I am so happy we put the work in to helping them be good nappers.  We brought their sound machine, put them to nap, and they slept like champs for their whole nap!  (BW win!)  We did a grab bag for the adults, and it was so much fun!  The gifts were so funny, I think everyone did a great job!

Feeding the girls was so much easier with the chairs. 🙂


Ben and Benson rocking their new hats.  I love these little friends!


We stuck Uncle Jared with dinner duty for a bit.  Love having so many helpers! 😉


Kyle sporting his grab bag gift.  Looking good!

It was a great day of talking with family we hadn’t seen in a long time.  I am so grateful for the chance to just be with all these people I love so much.  And I want to send a big thank you to everyone who was so generous with the kids!  It means so much to us to know our children have so many people who love them.  (This Christmas and our early Christmas!)

We had a great Christmas!

The crew!  What a wonderful group.  Photo credit: Philipp Schonger


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