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Christmas 2016: Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Day was pretty quiet for us.  Meo, Omi, and Uncle Jared headed to Aunt Gail and Uncle Dan’s house early in the day.  They live about an hour away from us, and Evan and Jess live in that area too.  The family that was in town already did lunch together and attended church.  Our five stayed at home to get one last good nap time in before the holiday craziness.  I knew the kids would be up late and napping in different places, so a good quality nap was very important.  After everyone woke up we packed up the van and met up with the rest of the family!

Christmas Eve was spent enjoying good food and good conversation.  Ben adored running around with his cousins Peyton and Benson.  They were so cute!  Ben and Benson just kept running!  They are so funny to watch together.  They giggle and chase each other.  Ben would yell out, “Where is that silly little guy?” and the chase would be on!  Ali and Sammy were a little overwhelmed by all the people, but they warmed up.  I think they really enjoyed being held so much.  Ali took advantage and played shy, putting her head in my neck and smiling.  She loves when I hold her.  Sammy liked hanging out with Omi.  They sat and watched the action together.

We did learn a few things on this outing.  We didn’t bring any high chairs or anything for the girls.  When Ben was this age we would just hold him if we were out without a high chair.  I thought maybe we could do the same with the girls.  Yeah…. doing that with twins is a little harder.  I forgot that part of what worked was that we took turns feeding Ben and eating ourselves.  Both girls needing to eat took a lot of attention.  We actually ended up having them sit on the floor with a bowl of cheerios after they had eaten their other food.  We brought the high chairs after that.  Oh well, they didn’t seem to mind.  We also learned that Sammy really likes prime rib.  (I hope she doesn’t think that will be a common meal, these kids eat a lot!:) )

We didn’t get to hang out too late.  The kids were tired, we had a long drive home, and we had to prep for Santa!  Once we got home we put Ali and Sammy right to bed.  We check Santa’s location and he was only a couple of hours away!  We got Ben to bed and got everything ready for Christmas morning.  Christmas is just more and more fun each year.  Ben was super excited for Santa to come!  We wrote a note to Santa and Ben wanted to write his own.  We left out the cookies and carrots (for Rudolph of course).  Then off to bed to rest up for another fun day!!!

These kids were busy all night!  So much playing!


Sammy liked hanging with Omi


Ali thought it was pretty fun too!


Pat and Sammy, eating up the prime rib!


Ali and me!  She was digging the mashed potatoes.


We gave up and gave them cheerios on the floor.  Benson had a few too. 🙂


Three cuties!!  I love their little table.


We tried to get good pictures of the big three…  tough to do.


Most of the crew!!

It was such a fun night!  I wish I could have spent more time talking with everyone, but the kids still need a lot of attention.  Ali and Sammy were adorable and let everyone love on them.  Ben had so much fun with his cousins.  We were all so excited for Christmas fun the next day.  Every year Christmas with the kids gets better.  It was so fun to have the girls to celebrate with this year.  Ben just gets more and more of what is going on and really believes.  I love making the magic happen for him.  We are working on the Jesus aspect of the day.  We sang happy birthday to Jesus and talked about.  But honestly, Santa kind of took the spotlight this year.  I know we need to work on that, but we have time.  At least the kids are seeing that the holidays are about family and love.  And we had plenty of that!


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