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Christmas 2016: Play time

We had a great first Christmas here in our new home!!  We were so happy that Meo, Omi, and Uncle Jared were able to make the trip out here to see us.  We were bummed we didn’t get to see Pat’s side of the family.  But budget and time off allowances meant we had to stay here.  But with every downside there is an upside- this was the first time my whole side of the family had been together for Christmas in, well, in at least ten years.  The last time we were all together was before Ben was even born!  Just getting to all be together was wonderful, and we had a really great time.

Meo and Omi got to town first.  Pat had to work all the way up until Christmas Eve, so the Friday before Christmas we hit up the indoor play place!  It was just as much fun as the first time we went.  Ali and Sammy were super into it, and Ben adored running around and showing Meo and Omi all the fun things to do!

Ben loves all the climb on structures!
Omi was very busy- holding Ali and pushing Ben in the car.


Ben doesn’t like riding the mini roller coasters, but he does love setting them  up!


Ali was digging the snuggle time.  Sammy just wanted to play!


Of course Ben had to ride Thomas. 🙂



I love these two playing together!!


Such a sweet sight.


Omi was a great train player


My girls and me!!


These girls were go go go!


Bounce house!


This kid is such a hoot.


Sammy and Ali adored these balls.  They chased them all around the place!



Watch out!  Babies on the track!


“I exercise like Mommy!”  He’s so cute!

Ben had so much fun.  He loves this place and plays on everything.  The girls were so cute chasing the balls around!  They thought those were the best.  It was the perfect way to spend some time on Meo and Omi’s first day.  Plenty of play time and tons of fun!


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