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Dagger’s bad days

Dagger has had a rough couple of days here.  Monday morning I noticed she had a spot on her back that was missing some fur.  It looked a little irritated and was pealing a bit.  I don’t like to mess around with Dagger’s health so I decided to take her in to the vet to get it checked out.  I had assumed that we would go there, she would get a cream or something, and that would be the end of it.  That was not the case.

When we got to the vet we found our previous vet had sold his practice to a new lady.  Okay, no big deal, she was keeping all the patients that wanted to stay.  I was already there and we liked our old vet, so I stuck around.  This new vet looked at her skin and said she needed to shave it down and take care of it.  While we had Dagger at the vet, she gave her a once over and noticed that her teeth weren’t looking good at all.  In fact she was worried that a couple might need to be pulled.  Well at this point I am kind of freaking out a bit.  I adore this kitty.  One might go so far as to say I am obsessed with her.  So I do not understand how she could have gotten to the point where she needs teeth removed without my noticing.  I take her in to the vet for routine check ups every six months.  I know cats are very good at hiding anything wrong with them, and I do not want to miss anything.  I made a promise to Dagger when I adopted her to always take care of her, and I felt terrible that I had failed her.

Instead of getting a cream and heading home, Dagger ended up spending the night with the vet to get blood work done and her procedures done the next day.  If the vet was going to put her under she wanted to get both the teeth and the skin taken care of at once.  I thought that was a good plan.  Tuesday I was able to pick her up and found out she had 4 teeth removed.  My poor baby!  Fortunately her blood work looked great, so the vet thinks maybe she just has bad teeth.  It happens in humans, it could be the same in cats.  Her skin looked okay, we think it is just allergies.  (I know, how does an indoor cat have allergies?  My only guess is that since we play outside with Ben more somehow we are bringing something inside.  New rule, we all wash our hands after playing outside and before playing with Dagger.)  But my poor girl has a sore mouth and a shaved back.  When we brought her home she jumped right up into her cat tree.  She was eating her treats by evening, and has been eating a bit today.  We think she is coming through like a champ.  Now that we know she has bad teeth, we can be more proactive in her care.  She’ll be getting real dental checks.  I admit I am very frustrated with our previous vet.  I mean, I brought her in every six months.  I would see him look into her mouth.  How does he miss teeth getting that bad?  It has only been about 4 months since she last saw a vet and I was told she was perfectly healthy.  I don’t want to speak badly about  him, but I just don’t understand.  All we can do now though is move forward with our plan to keep my precious Dagger healthy!

If anyone reading this has a cat,  make sure they get their teeth checked when at the vet!  Cats are so good at hiding problems.  Dagger was eating normally, playing, sleeping, using her litter box.  We really did not notice anything wrong with her.  I feel terrible, but I don’t know what else I was supposed to do.  Luckily it is now taken care of, we have a plan of action, and my sweet kitty will be be all better soon.  She is already acting pretty much like normal, and was just begging me for scraps of cheese.  I love Dagger so much.  She was my first baby, and is still so important to me.  I am so thankful for good vets that take care of the animals that mean so much to us.

Here is my poor girl with her shaved back.  She still looks beautiful to me.

I don’t think she knows she looks a little silly, so nobody say anything to her. 😉  I am so happy to have her back home with us!


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