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Throwing rocks

Kids love the simplest things, it is great.  This weekend we spent well over an hour doing one of Ben’s absolute favorite activities- throwing rocks.  It sounds silly, but he adores it.  He isn’t often able to.  Let’s be real, there are not a lot of times in which throwing rocks is appropriate and allowable.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  There was no way we were going to stay home.  We headed out to the state park to do one of our mini hikes.  This one was a bit different in that we didn’t bring the stroller.  Ben was a trooper!  He sat down to rest a couple of times, and we carried him for a few minutes, but overall he walked almost the whole time.  And we did a mile!  It might not seem like much, but think how many steps that is on tiny toddler legs!
Ben loved walking around nature with us.  The best part was when we found a little clearing by the river.  It was just a tiny little spot, but it had a ton of little rock, just perfect for tossing into the river.  Which we did.  For quite some time.  He never seemed to get tired of it.  
We dragged him away from his fun long enough for a nap and to take Pat out to dinner to celebrate his birthday.  After that we went to a different part of the river to walk around.  Oh yeah, and throw more rocks.  Seriously, we hung out on the riverbank for almost an hour.  Ben loved every second of it.  
Why walk when you can run?
Found a stick right away.
I had to wrangle him to get a picture together. 🙂
Throwing rocks!!

Looking for good rocks with Daddy

He had so much fun!

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