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I know we are a little late in doing this first, but Ben had his first dentist appointment last week!!  Yes, I know the current recommendation is first tooth or one year.  When Ben was a baby I read the recommendation was to wait until kids were three to go to the dentist.  Now, I don’t know where I read that, but that is what I was operating under.  Then I heard it was much earlier than that.  Oops, mom fail.  Oh well.  I wanted to get him in sooner, but with my tried and true excuse of having twins (yep, using it forever) and then the move (yep, using it as long as possible) we just didn’t get it done.  I am almost glad though, because we have a pediatric dentist less than five minutes from our new place!  Score!
We tried hard to get Ben pumped up for the dentist.  We practiced looking in his mouth.  We talked about how important it is to have clean teeth and why we brush.  He was actually excited about the appointment I think.
Ready to go to the dentist!

 Ben was great in the waiting room.  He tried out every chair in the place, of course.  They had toys, which of course made it an amazing place.

Excited to be there!
Yay toys!

The girls were very happy to be cheering on their brother.  Soon enough it will be their turn!


I didn’t take any pictures during the actual exam.  Ben did okay with everything.  He was very excited to charge back there and sit in the big chair when they called him back.  The plan was to start with x-rays.  Ben wasn’t a big fan of the lead cape he had to wear, and really wasn’t liking the x-ray machine in his face.  The big thing that set him off though was when one of the techs wheeled the girls around the corner so they wouldn’t be in the room for the x-rays.  I could see them the whole time, but Ben couldn’t.  He did not like that his sisters went away.  He kept yelling, “Bring them back!  Bring sisters back!”  It was actually very sweet that he was worried about where they were going.  He is a really good big brother and so protective of them.  But he did get a bit worked up, so we decided to skip the x-rays.

At this point Ben was ready to be done with the dentist, but he had just gotten started.  He still did really well.  Yes, he yelled a bit, but he did let the hygienist and the dentist do what they needed to do.  He was a real trooper about it.  As soon as he was able to get down he was asking to go home.  Then the hygienist asked him if he wanted a prize he perked right back up.  He was so excited to get his new toothbrush.  He got to pick out a toy, he chose a yo-yo.  He also got a shark tooth necklace!  Okay, it is plastic, but he loves it and looks so cute with it.
Thumbs up to be finished!

I am proud of how Ben did.  I assumed there would be some tears.  It can be scary to sit there and let someone look in your mouth.  Heck, most adults don’t like the dentist, and this was all new to Ben.  I love that he was so protective of his sisters.  And I love how proud of himself he was for going to the dentist.  I think when we go back he will do even better.  Fortunately he has clean, healthy teeth, so that won’t be for six months.

Proud little boy with clean teeth!

He is just getting so big!  I am so proud of him.  I love this sweet boy.


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