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How to: Baby Mrs. Potato Head Costume

Easy no-sew Mrs. Potato Head Halloween costume for babies and toddlers.

I love the idea of making my kids’ Halloween costumes.  I would gladly make anything they wanted to be….  if I had the time, money, and skill.  Time and money are something that I don’t really have to spend a ton of on Halloween costumes.  Skill, well, I’d like to continue thinking I have that. (Though realistically not so much:P ) What I wanted this Halloween was something easy, cute, and pretty cheap to make for the girls.  I think I found a pretty good one with Mrs. Potato Head.  Here is how easy it is to make.

First up, I had to get some brown onesies.  This is something you definitely could just have on hand.
My girls didn’t happen to have any, so I ordered some.

Two-day shipping for the win. I got the 6-12 month size and they fit the girls pretty well now at almost 9 months.    I also ordered some felt.  You can get felt at a craft store of course.  I have some from the dollar store, but I liked the stiffness of these felt stickers.

I think it gives the costume more of a, well, costume feel to it.  Mrs. Potato Head has the plastic pieces that stick out and away from the body of the potato, and I wanted the pieces to do the same here.  The great thing about this costume is you can use any brown onesie and whatever material you happen to have around for the pieces.

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Once I had my materials I simply cut out shapes for the face.  I looked around on Pinterest to get some inspiration, but honestly, I just did it freehand.  Another great thing about this costume is that it doesn’t have to look perfect.  The girls aren’t very big, so I kept to just eyes, nose, mouth, and a hat.  If I were to make this for a bigger kid I might do more, like ears or glasses or something.
Once I had all my pieces cut out I used velcro so they could be attached to the costume, but still be removed and rearranged like a real Mrs. Potato Head.
A few notes about the costume.  I made sure to put the softer part of the velcro on the onesie.  This way if the girls are crawling around they won’t stick to the carpet as much.  The crawling thing.  The girls are still army crawling, so honestly, I am not entirely sure how well the pieces will stay on.  But if they are in their seats or being held I think it will work out just fine.  I also want to keep an eye on the girls that they don’t eat the pieces.  The felt is stiff, which should help them from getting it into their mouths enough to swallow it.  But I will be watching the girls closely while they wear these just in case.
Easy DIY No-Sew Mrs. Potato Head Halloween Costume! Make a sweet Halloween costume on budget with no sewing required. The face pieces can actually be moved around like the real toy! #Halloween #costume #baby #toddler #nosew #easy #DIY #Potato #head
Overall, I think they look super cute.  Yes, I need to keep an eye on the girls while they wear them, but why would I leave them alone in the costume anyway?  I wouldn’t.  Overall it only took about half an hour to make two baby costumes, and I was watching tv while I did it.  Pretty good for a homemade costume.
Here is what I used to make these.


I hope this can help out another mom looking for a quick costume as Halloween approaches.  I can’t wait to see the girls in them.  They are going to be so cute!!


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Looking for a quick and easy Halloween costume for your baby? Try this no-sew Mrs. Potato Head costume!  Super easy and the pieces can actually be moved around! #Halloween #costume #baby #nosew #easy #DIY #fast

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Mary Leigh

Thursday 19th of October 2017

This is such a fun and creative idea! I love that you made it so you really can adjust the pieces just like the toy!

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