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Easter Pictures

Today Ben met the Easter Bunny for the first time!  A great local store hosted an event for kids to meet the Easter Bunny.  Second Born Consignment is one of our favorite stores in town.  It has so many great clothes and children’s items for good prices.  And they had this lovely event!  It was super cute with little crafts for the kids to do.  Ben was too young for the crafts, so we just got a picture with the bunny.

Ben did a really great job!  You never know how kids will react to this kind of thing.  We saw Santa twice this year.  The first time Ben cried a bit.  Though in his defense it was a long line, so he fell asleep.  He woke up in Santa’s arms.  That can freak a kid out.  The second time he saw Santa at the library and he was great!  I have found that Easter Bunnies have a tendency to be a bit creepier than Santa though.  This bunny was cute!  Ben did smile, but of course not for the camera.  I’m just excited that he sat so nicely.

Meo was super great and came with Pat, Ben, and me to take pictures.  I am super cool, so I picked out coordinating outfits for us all.  🙂  The actual bunny pictures didn’t take too long, and it was a beautiful day out.  Since I had Meo with us, I made her take more family pictures of us outside!  I mean, we were dressed all cute, it was lovely weather, and I had a captive Meo.  Of course I had to take advantage of that all!  A great big thank you to Meo for taking all these pictures.  I really do appreciate it.

Here are our bunny pictures and spring family pictures.  Team Cartwright, Spring 2014!

Team Cartwright and the Easter Bunny

Aren’t they cute?


He loves to fly!

Mommy hugs!
Of course we had to get some Meo shots

Thank you again to Meo for taking all these great pictures!

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