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Elephant and Piggie

This weekend Ben got to meet a couple of literary celebrities- Elephant and Piggie!  Our library had an Elephant and Piggie party for the kids.  We knew about the party (Pat and I love Mo Willems books for the kids), but I didn’t realize they would actually be there.  I didn’t bring my camera, and didn’t take any pictures in the actual party.  I did get a couple of Ben with the characters though!
The party was super cute.  The kids read one of the books, then got to participate in all sorts of activities.  Ben played a matching game, a ball toss game, and made a party hat!  I was happy he was super into making the party hat.  Most of the time he is interested in crafts for about one minute before going on to something else.  This time he sat down, picked out the color hat he wanted and added the streamers and decorations.  I think the glue stick was his favorite part.  Once we played a couple of games and made the hat we headed out of the party area.  (Pat and the girls had come with us, but the room was just too crowded for the stroller.)
As we exited we saw Elephant and Piggie themselves!  Ben was great about waiting in line to meet them.  I am not a fan of waiting in line with kids, (I know, who is?) but every time we do it Ben gets better and better about waiting.  He was so cute when we finally had our turn!  He didn’t want to hug them, but he did go right up and say hello!  He gave them high fives and told them about what he did in their party.  He spoke pretty quietly, so I’m not entirely sure they heard everything he said, but I was so proud of him for how brave he was and how politely he spoke to them!  When our turn was done he said thank you and happily went off with me to find Pat and the girls.  He was such a big boy about it!
Meeting the stars of the day!
Telling them all about the party (their handler helped out)
He got close enough to high five!
High five!
Laughing with his new friends

It was so much fun!  Like I said we didn’t think it would be as big as it was.  It was really geared to kids a little older than Ben, but he did so well with it.  He is learning all about waiting in lines and waiting his turn to do things.  Plus he got to practice sitting still for the story when he wanted to go straight to the activities.  These sound like little things, but they are important skills Ben needs chances to practice.  He is learning about being patient with the girls.  Having to wait while other kids do something fun you want to do as well is hard!  I was so proud of how well Ben handled it all.  Overall it was a great day and a great party.  I’ll have to keep an out on our library postings to see if any more celebrities are coming around this summer. 😉


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