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Fall Fest

Why yes, we did go to another Fall Fest this past weekend.  What can I say, we love getting outside in this beautiful fall weather.  This Fall Fest was at Hoover, another state park not too far from Silver Springs.  It was an absolutely perfect day for it.  Sunny, not to hot, clear sky, perfect.  This fest was heavily focused on kids, which was great for us.  They had bounce houses and animals to look at.  They also really focused on local plants and animals.  
We didn’t participate in all the activities.  Some of them Ben was too young for, and well, his favorite thing to do is just run around outside.  He did enjoy sitting and watching some Frisbee dogs in action!  Okay, that was my favorite part.  But Ben did sit and watch, so I count that as enjoying it.  Just being outside and having fun as a family was wonderful.
Ben got to help spread some milkweed seeds so more butterflies would have food to eat.  He loved watching the seeds go flying around in the breeze.

 We got to make a rainbow craft!  Ben really enjoyed picking out the colors to glue to his rainbow. I had to make sure he put most of the glue on the paper, not just all over the table. 😉

I don’t remember seeing this giant xylophone any of the other times we have been at this park!  Ben adored it!  We rocked out there for a good chunk of time.  Ben had some duets with Daddy, but also enjoyed going solo.

So happy!!

 We had a lot of fun exploring the different huts around the campfire demonstration.  They were letting people practice making their own fires, so we kept Ben away from that.

It’s always a good time for a hug.
I love this picture!

As with most of our outings, we ended the day with a little snack.  Going to free events means we can spend a couple of bucks on a treat!  This time- M&M cookies.  Yum!

I am so grateful we have beautiful state parks so close to our home, and that so many places have great free activities in the fall!  I just love watching Ben run around and explore his world.


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