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Family Update {July 24}

This summer is flying by!  We are just a few weeks out from Ben starting his first year of preschool!  I can’t believe time is going so quickly.  We have been keeping busy this summer, despite the heat.  We’ve been sticking to the indoors, but that doesn’t mean we have been skimping on the fun.  These kids don’t want to hold still, they want to play!

Come summer with us!

We have been keeping busy this summer, despite the heat.  One of Ben’s summer favorites has been going to the movies.  Our local theater offers kids movies for super cheap on weekday mornings.  Pat took Ben the first few times, and I was able to go once too.  Ben was so proud to be taking me.  It was so sweet! I try to soak up every mother son time like this.  I know soon enough he won’t be so pleased to take his mom to the movies with him.  He was such a gentleman. This theater has the nice reclining seats and he showed me how they worked.  He showed me where to get the tickets, where the restrooms were, and where the video games were.  (All the biggies when you are three.) He even told me I could share the snack we brought for him.  I love that he told everyone he was taking mommy to see a movie.  He’s such a love!

Movie date!!

Of course we have been doing our library programs.  Story hours, art class – you name it and we are there.  Ben got to see a performer sing songs and tell stories while making giant balloon creations.  (Like way giant super awesome ones.) He also got to go see some animals from the local wildlife park!  Sadly most of these special events took place during Ali and Sammy’s morning rest period, so they didn’t participate in as many.  But Ben is getting some great one on one time, which is worthwhile.

On the home front we have been playing hard!  The kids have been destroying the house with toys on a fairly regular basis.  Specifically two little toddler girls seem to enjoy dumping out everything they can.  Ali and Sammy have also found a new love of one of Ben’s favorite things to do.  They run circles around the couch.  Seriously this is something we do every day, multiple times a day.  Sometimes we have a parade and march.  Other times we are in race cars and going fast.  If Pat or I are willing to chase the kids, well, that never fails to bring joy.  The best part is that Ben now encourages his sisters as they run.  “Let’s go, Ali and Sammy!  Run sisters!”  It is so sweet to see them all playing together.  I’m not a home decorator or anything, but I think every home with kids should have some sort of ‘track’ in which they can run.  Any time things are getting a bit grumpy I get a game of chase started.  It never fails to brighten the mood.

The play zone pretty much always ends up looking like this. Toys everywhere, one kid rolling around, another making a mess. Oh, and Sammy upside down in the back.

It’s been too hot for breakfast at the park, so we moved it inside! Living room picnics are always a hit.

Are these my daughters or what. They already know the bliss of lounging in a comfy chair with a good book.

The biggest event of the past few weeks were our visitors.  Gramma and Grampa came to see us!  We had so much fun with them.  We of course hit the library a few times.  A lot of time was spent just goofing off around the house.  We got Gramma and Grampa to participate in a little science and art.  We all went out to a bbq restaurant and it turns out Ali and Sammy are little bbq lovers!  They gobbled it all up!  The place was pretty casual and had music going.  So of course our kids had a  little dance party.  These kiddos just gotta dance.

Gramma was kind of the favorite. She got a lot of hugs. And of course Grampa was nearby too. 😛

Three generations! These guys are champion loungers.

Gramma and Ali! Ready to eat!

These little ladies loved the food! Happy girls!

Dance party!

We also did something new for us and went to the children’s museum by us.  Oh my goodness, it was amazing.  Ben was basically the perfect age for everything.  He dove right in to all the activities, no hesitation!  There were towers to climb, a pool noodle forest to plunge through, bikes to try out.  Ben explored pretend neighborhoods, played at scooping ice cream and serving hot dogs.  He helped paint a giant robot.  He just loved everything.

Ali and Sammy had a ton of fun too!   Every floor had an area designed for little ones like them.  Whoever thought to do that is a genius.  It can be hard to entertain different age kids and this made it much easier.  The girls adored playing with the big soft blocks, and they were so into the bubbles.  Seriously, they had a worker whose job was to blow bubbles over the little ones.  Well she ran out of bubble mix, as can happen, and therefore the bubbles stopped.  My two little ladies stared her down, not looking away until she went and got more bubble solution.  These girls will not be deterred when they want something.  (And I think they know the power of their cuteness.)

It was helpful we had a big group, because we could take turns seeing all the exhibits with Ben and still hang out with Ali and Sammy.  There is a baby only zone and Ali and Sammy loved it.  They just played and played.  They climbed on gymnastics pads, hugged toys, rolled balls around.  These two just lite up the room with their giggles and shenanigans.


These girls loved being able to get in there and play!


Of course we still needed to grab some cuddles with Gramma.

Sweet Sammy!!

Smiley Ali!

Ben got a lift through the car wash.


Figuring out the exhibit with a little help from Grampa. (Physics in action, nice!)

Meet Flash! Ben got to help paint this giant robot, and he still talks about him. Now he is interested in building his own robot. I have to step up my science!

We really appreciate Gramma and Grampa coming out to see us.  (And watching the kids so we could get a date night.  Wonder Woman was awesome!)  I feel so blessed that we have family that we love, and that just adore our children so much.  Thank you for coming to see us, Gramma and Grampa!

We love when family comes to visit!

This coming month is going to wrap up our summer fun!  I expect more library time, more play time, and bigger messes.  Ben starts preschool in August!  Time to get myself ready, Ben’s already raring to go!

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