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First Birthday Party!

We had a great birthday party for Ali and Sammy’s first birthday.  We kept it small.  I mean, Ali and Sammy didn’t really know what was going on.  The celebration is for them, but it is also for Pat and me as the parents.  We made it to a year!  Woot!

We did a simple party here at home.  We grilled up hot dogs, had some family over, and of course played hard.  The big kids got to run around outside.  Sammy and Ali got some very nice gifts.  Oh, and there was cake!  Isn’t that the best part of every party?  I made the girls smash cakes.  Just a simple banana cake with cream cheese frosting and banana slices.  Like Ben, the girls weren’t super into them.  In part because they had just eaten lunch.  I think one downside of doing BLW (and there are very few downsides) is that my babies haven’t been in to their smash cake.  They have been feeding themselves for months now, it isn’t a new adventure to get to touch the food.  They know how to eat, and know they can not eat if they don’t want to.  Basically they taste the cake, think it’s too sweet, and stop eating.  Probably for the best, that much sugar can’t be good for them.

Getting ready to party!
Ben was rocking his big brother shirt for the occasion.  Happy one year anniversary of being a big brother!
Ali, Aunt Gail, Meo, and Sammy!  Party time!
Benson playing cars under the table, Sammy playing cars under the table.  Good times with cousins.
Hugs!  These two love to play!
Sammy and Ali adore being wherever their big cousin Peyton is.
The play zone- pre total destruction. 😛
Presents!  Thank you everyone
Ben helped with some of the unwrapping.  It’s a big brother’s job.
Loving Uncle Evan and Aunt Jessee!
These girls were loving all the attention

I didn’t go big with decorations.  With our little house and five kids running around there was enough going on.  I couldn’t resist decorating Sammy and Ali’s chairs for their cakes though!  The girls found the decorations to be pretty interesting themselves.  Almost more interesting then the cakes.

Cake for the birthday girls!  (Ali L, Sam R)
They really just poked around at the cake and ate the bananas.  Much like Ben when he was one.
Ben picked out the cake.  He was so proud of getting his sisters Minnie Mouse!
I love putting up the month pictures from the year and seeing how much my babies have grown!

Thank you to the family that was able to make it to the party!  We loved having you there to celebrate with us.  And we totally know that not everyone can drop everything and travel for a kid’s birthday party, so thank you to the far away family who sent lots of love to our girls.  It was a fun little party, and a great way to celebrate our sweet girls.


I loved the party dresses I found for the girls.  A drawback to twins is if you find a cute outfit you need to buy two!  Their one pink party dresses were inexpensive and perfect for the party!  (affiliate link)

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