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Shoot, you forgot Valentine’s Day! A 4 step guide to faking it through the day.

Oh no.  It’s Valentine’s Day.  Somehow it snuck up on you.  If you are in the season of babies and toddlers this is completely possible.  (Heck, any busy season can make it possible!) I know, I know.  The ads were everywhere, the stores had sales, there were all the jewelry commercials.  But you thought you had more time.  Hey, it happens.  You can still salvage this, Mama.

Here is your game plan:



Don’t worry about making a fancy heart shaped quiche or even heart pancakes.  No one has time for that.
Take some cheerios, raisins, or baby puffs and make a heart shape around whatever you normally serve your little one for breakfast.  Just use some little nibble to make a heart.
Next, check out your baking supplies.  You don’t need much.  Do you have any mini marshmallows?  Any chocolate chips?  Animal crackers?  Any little treat you save for special occasions and is not something you serve frequently?
Pull a couple out.  Put them next to the heart on the breakfast plate.  If you have a little one it doesn’t matter what the treat is, they will just be thrilled to have a special treat at breakfast.  If you want to go the extra mile and have some red food coloring, go ahead and add a drop to the milk.
Have older kids and, oh yeah, that husband?  Grab the ads from the newspaper.  Cut out a heart.  All you have to do is fold the page in half to make it symmetrical.  Use the heart as a placemat.  Bonus- it will be easy to clean up.  You know what, give them a little treat too.  Everyone likes to start the day with an unexpected surprise.


Do you stay home with your kids?  It’s time for arts and crafts!  Grab anything you have in your craft stash and make Valentine’s for the whole family.  Bonus- you can quickly make your husband one now too.  Add a list of three reasons you love him and you are good to go.
At work?  Kids at school?  Or busy for other reasons?  Send an ecard to your older kids.  Fold a piece of paper in half, Google Valentine’s Day puns, and make a basic card for the little kids.  They will love it because it came from you.  (Give them a few more mini marshmallows and they will think it’s the best day ever.)
Want to do something fun for your husband?  Send him an evite for some one on one time with you.  Be as risque as you two like.  Bonus to this one- you can plan it for a future day and take some pressure off that night.  (Especially helpful when Valentine’s Day is on a weeknight.  Or if you need more time to shave your legs.)


You might feel the pressure to have come up with an awesome themed out dinner.  Don’t.  Lots of pizza places offer heart-shaped pizzas on Valentine’s Day.  Kids love pizza, so they will be happy.  You are happy because you don’t have to cook.  
Take that time normally spent cooking and cut out some more heart-shaped placemats from construction paper or newspaper.  Grab some post-its and write out something you love about each member of your family on separate pages to put by their plates.
Want to get the family more involved?  Have them add to each others’ lists.  Anything at all you love about each other.  Read them out loud over dinner.
No need for a fancy dessert after dinner.  For little ones, a repeat of the breakfast treat will suffice.  Have chocolate syrup?  Make some chocolate milk.  Want to put in some extra effort?  Run out and grab ice cream for everyone.  (Give yourself a Valentine by offering to pick it up and getting some alone time in the car.)

After the kids are in bed:

Almost done, just one last person to romance.  Pull out an old picture of you and your partner, preferably one from before you had kids.  Talk about your dating days, reminisce about your wedding, or discuss your dream vacation plans for some day in the future.  T
he exact topic isn’t important, just talk about the two of you as a couple.  Life is busy.  The key is just connecting with that person you are sharing this crazy life with.
Forgot it was Valentine's Day? Here is a 4 step plan to fake it through the day.
You did it, you made it through Valentine’s Day!  No, it was not Pinterest perfect.  That’s okay.  Did you tell everyone in your family you loved them today?  Did you try to connect with your partner for a few minutes?  Then you did a great job.  Now go leave yourself a note to buy chocolate on sale tomorrow.  That’s too important to forget.
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Lori | Choosing Wisdom

Friday 9th of February 2018

Fun ideas for making such a commercialized day simple and easy. Take the stress out and do what helps them feel how important they are in your life! Very creative!

Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday!

Michele Tripple

Wednesday 7th of February 2018

You totally simplified Valentine's Day with littles for me. Sometimes we feel like we need to go all out, but our kids just want little special things. Celebrating love for one another is the real meaning. That's easy enough, right?

Thanks for joining #WanderingWednesday #linkup with Confessions of Parenting! :)

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