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First Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day was my first one as a mother.  I was pregnant with Ben for last year’s mother’s day, but Pat and I both felt we couldn’t really celebrate that and Father’s Day until Ben was on the outside.  (That isn’t to say other people can’t.  We just felt that way.)  I admit I was a little nervous about what we would do.  On Team Cartwright I am pretty much the social planner.  I make sure we have a plan for holidays, and I make sure that people are celebrated on their big day.  I even prefer to plan my own birthday.  So while I wasn’t expecting a giant celebration, the pressure was on for Pat to come up with a plan.

He did a great job!!  Pat offered to get up with Ben in the morning, but let’s face it, after months of getting up with him I naturally wake up then.  But Pat went and got Ben for some morning cuddles!  They were quick cuddles, since Ben is not really one to just lie around in bed and snuggle.  Especially not so close to breakfast time.  Dagger even came and joined in the family love.  That was a perfect moment, so I was a happy camper right from the start.  Afterwards I got my gift and cards.  They were wonderful.  Gramma is a card ninja.  She can find a card for any occasion and they are always perfect.  (Did you know they make Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my Son and Daughter-in-law cards?  They do, and Gramma has sent it to us.  Card ninja.)  I don’t even try to keep up with her.  Well Pat follows along in her footsteps.  I might have to remind him to get people cards, but when he does they are perfect.  Way to go, Pat. 🙂

We met up with Meo and Omi for a late breakfast after Ben’s first nap.  Ben was a fabulous dining companion!  He got to sample some of Meo’s spinach crepes, which were super tasty.  He also chowed down on some baby banana pancakes I brought from home for him.  He had so much fun just looking around at everything.  He was sure to give Meo a great big Mother’s Day hug too.  After breakfast all of us headed to the park by our place for a little play time.  It was great to get to wish Meo a happy Mother’s Day, especially now that she is a grandma too!

After Meo and Omi had to leave, Ben got a chance to skype with Gramma and Grampa.  We will be seeing them in a few weeks, so we are trying to get as much skype time as possible.  We want Ben to feel as comfortable with them as he can, and sadly he hasn’t seem them in person in six months.  After all that time enjoying the day with the grandmothers, Ben had to take another nap.

After naptime, my next adventure began!  Pat and Ben took me to a local state park for a hike!  Okay, it was more of a walk since we had the stroller with us.  But I loved it.  It was free (I like free things), some nice little exercise, and Ben loves being outdoors.  He had a blast riding around the trails.  We got to see some animal mommas too!  There were geese with their goslings.  We even got to see an owl with two baby owls!

To cap off the evening Pat grilled us a wonderful dinner of kielbasa and corn.  Ben of course loved the meat.  He liked the corn, but it is still hard for him to eat little things like that.  He is super cute opening his mouth for me to pop little kernels of corn into though.  After Ben went to bed Pat had one final treat for me- ice cream.  I have to say ice cream is a big way to my heart.

All in all it was a perfect Mother’s Day.  I felt loved and appreciated.  I got to spend time with my family.  And I got ice cream.  Wonderful.

My boys dressed up for brunch.
I like this picture because we are all laughing.
Ready to hike!
Baby feet!
Enjoying the scenery.
Fun with Daddy.
Fun with Mommy.
Baby geese!
One of the baby owls.
Momma owl kept her eye on us.
The other baby owl.
My sweet boy I am honored to mother.


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