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Thankful Thursday: Family Time

This week I am thankful for family time.  With two working parents it can be hard to fit in fun family time.  True, I am fortunate enough to have Ben with me every day.  But we don’t have Pat with us.  And some days Pat works evenings, so he gets home either just as Ben is going to bed or after he is already asleep.  Weekends are awesome, but like every family we also have to squeeze in all the things we didn’t do during the week!  Any chance that arises for us to have a few extra minutes of just us having fun as Team Cartwright is grabbed.  Today was such a chance!

We were able to have Pat join Ben and I at the office for lunch and a walk!  It is just a little thing, but it was so great to see him in the middle of the day like that!  Ben was super excited to see his daddy.  He just lights up any time he sees Pat.  Ben is also really enjoying going for rides in his stroller.  Family time, plus a little light physical activity for Pat and I? Score!

I know this isn’t anything very exciting.  I mean, we didn’t even eat out or anything (saving money!).  But I love that we were able to take a few moments out of our busy schedules to spend time as a family.  I am thankful for the chance to have family time with my Team Cartwright.

Daddy being silly.
My lunch dates. 🙂
Daddy, decorum! This is a place of business! 😉
My sweet hubby brought me flowers too!
Riding in style.
Picture with Mommy!
And one more with Daddy


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