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Friend’s Day

Every year Meo’s golf league has a Friend’s Day where non-league members can come play.  I participated two years ago and had a ton of fun.  Last year I was super pregnant, not great for golfing in the heat.  But this year I got to go again!  It was a blast.  We had so much fun!  It is a best ball scramble, which is good because I hadn’t played in almost two years.  We did pretty well though!  There were trivia questions at each hole, and additional challenges on some of the holes.  We didn’t win any, but Meo came pretty close to the closest to the line challenge!

After we all play 9 they have a luncheon for all of us.  The food was tasty, and the company was great.  All the ladies are so nice.  We got to sit with some girls who are planning a wedding, which always equals fun discussion.  There were a bunch of raffles and Meo and I won two gift baskets!  One had a ton of yummy smoothie and cookie mixes, and the other had great fitness stuff.  Plus a gift certificate for a month of free classes for two at a local fitness place.  Meo and I are just going to extend the fun.  Overall, it was a great day and a great chance to spend some quality time with my mom!

And where was Ben?  Ben got to spend the day with Omi at the office!  It was Omi’s first time being fully responsible for Ben, and he did a great job.  He stuck to the schedule and I was able to come back to a happy boy at the end of my golf outing.  I am so lucky that Omi was able to take care of Ben and the Meo wanted to me to play with her.  It was a great day, and I am already looking forward to next year.

Me and Meo ready to golf!
Our foursome: Meo, Martha, Jane, Kim
Meo on the links!
Action shot!
Wow!  Look how far she hit it!
Meo drives the cart. 
Hmmm… which club should I use…
One handed driving!
My response to some of Meo’s cart maneuvers. 😉
Ben and Omi, hard at work while we played


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