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World Cup

Go Team USA!!

Pat and I both love the World Cup.  We each played soccer growing up, and are fans of the game.  We both fully admit to not being super hardcore all the time.  While we enjoy watching any game, we don’t actively seek it out on a regular basis.  Except for every 4 years, when it comes time to show our true American pride and cheer for Team USA.  
I fully admit to being a wee bit hesitant to get too excited about our chances this year.  I don’t want to seem unpatriotic, just realistic.  But so far I am thrilled that USA has proven me wrong a bit!  Go Team!  We were super happy that they won their first game, and were really looking forward to the second game.  Ben was too.  Although he might have just been happy we skipped bath night and let him stay up a few minutes later.  But I’m choosing to believe it is because he is such a fan.
Sadly, Portugal got in that last second goal on USA, but we think the team still did pretty well.  And we will be keeping tabs of the next game while at work.  We don’t mess around with team pride on Team Cartwright, we wear it for all to see.  Here we are, rocking our national pride.
Oh yes, I looked super cool.
Cutest fan ever!
Getting pumped for the game
The boys
Ready to cheer!!
Dagger’s team spirit is a little quieter. 😉
We’ll be watching the games the whole World Cup, and hopefully cheering on Team USA for many more games!

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