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Grampa’s pool

Gramma and Grampa came to visit to meet the girls a couple of weeks ago!  We were so happy they were able to make the trip.  I have some pictures to share from that, but they are stuck on my camera.  Yes, when the girls were born I made sure to find the camera and the battery charger and get it all ready to go.  Then I proceded to lose the cord that lets me load them onto the computer.  I’m on the lookout for it, but until then I just have my phone pictures.

One activity Ben really enjoyed while Gramma and Grampa were here was going swimming.  Gramma and Grampa stayed at a hotel with a pool, so we brought the kids over to swim one day.  Only Ben, Pat, and Grampa actually got to swim.  The girls, Gramma, and I got to enjoy watching them though!  Ben was so happy he spent the first few minutes just jumping up and down with joy.  Once he actually got in the pool he was just the happiest little water bug.  Tons of splashing, lots of giggling, and a wonderful afternoon.

Practicing with Daddy!
Such a happy boy!
Ali and Gramma
Sammy and me
Had to take a break
“I’ll just nap here, Mommy.  Then we can swim more”

Ben referred to the pool as ‘Grampa’s Pool.’  We’re not sure why just Grampa got the credit for that one, but he got all the glory for the event.  Of course now Gramma and Grampa always have to stay at this same hotel so Ben can visit the pool again.

I loved how much fun Ben had!  Thanks for the fabulous time, Gramma and Grampa!!


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