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Vital step

When the girls were just shy of a month old, we took a vital step in the development of our family.  Oh yes, I took all three kids to Target by myself.  I think all moms, well, all women, know how important it is to be able to go to Target at any point in time.  I was very excited to try this outing.  I had a few reservations.  I mean, two newborns mean two tiny babies could scream at any moment.  With just me I wouldn’t be able to push a cart, so Ben would be free.  In the past he usually rode in carts.  This was awesome.  He couldn’t touch much, I could go at my own pace, and he couldn’t run away.  Ben also really enjoyed riding in the cart.  He has a big adjustment to make to walking almost all the time, and it isn’t always his favorite.  But I had to do it, I had to go to Target.  I had to know I could take all three kids with me somewhere with almost everything we need, a place we could wander on bad weather days, and really just some place awesome.
So I loaded up all three kids for our important trip. (And of course this picture was before we were actually driving anywhere.)
I love the view when I look behind me.  Three loves!
The happiest place on earth!!

I loaded the girls in the stroller, and we headed in.  I wondered if Ben would go for a cart, but fortunately he accepted that he would be walking.  At first he tried to hold my hand.  I always want to hold his hand, but it is hard to push the stroller at the same time.  Fortunately, Ben found that he could hold on to the stroller side and easily walk along with me.  He ‘helps’ me push the girls and stays nearby.  Win!

My helper

 We only had a short trip.  The nice thing about the stroller is that there is storage space underneath, so I can load up on a few items.  The sad thing about the stroller is that storage space isn’t that big.  We can’t get a lot of stuff, but we can get a few things.

Ben was awesome!  We talked about how it was important to stay right with Mommy the whole time, and I really played up the helper part.  (He adores being a helper.)  We did pause so he could say hi to a couple of toys, but so far he hasn’t entered the ask for stuff phase.  We were incredibly slow.  I mean, I was pushing the boat of a stroller, and walking at toddler pace.  But it was a weekday morning, and the store wasn’t crowded.  Honestly, with just me and all three kids like this, I don’t feel bad if people have to go around us.  I feel if all three are reasonably quiet and Ben is staying near me I am fulfilling any obligation I have to the society around me.

Pointing out Easter Bunnies.  The kid loves bunnies.

We slowly made our way through the store, and had fun too!  The one thing I can’t do well on my own is get Ben’s diapers.  The boxes are too big to fit in the stroller, and it is just too hard to carry a box, push a stroller, and keep Ben nearby.  No big deal though.  Pat can easily pick those up when needed.  Or it could be a perfect reason to add a family Target trip on the weekend… 😉

Target level: Unlocked.  I am pumped.


 (No, this post has not been sponsored in any way by Target.  I just really enjoy that store.  That being said if they ever want me to do a sponsored post I am always available and love gift cards! 😉 )

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