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His father’s son

There is no doubt that Ben is his father’s son.  I mean, obviously we know that to be true.  But every so often a behavior comes out that is completely not from me.  This latest- his enjoyment of spicy foods.  I hate spicy foods.  I really cannot tolerate most things with heat.  Pat adores spicy food.  Often the hotter the better.  Ben has already demonstrated an appreciation for spicy food.  He enjoys some things I think have a kick.  We haven’t tested his spice enjoyment very much because, well, because he is a little kid.  I am fine with him tasting things he wants to, but I wanted to be sure he understood to drink some milk or eat some bread if something was uncomfortably spicy.

Today Omi had mustard out for his lunch.  Not just any mustard, jalapeno mustard.  Now I have tried this stuff, and I find it to be too spicy.  I know a lot of people who think nothing of it though.  Ben gestured that he wanted some, so I put a tiny dab on his tray.  He ate it up.  And then he asked for more.  He loved it!  He kept asking for more until we put it away.  I didn’t want him to have too much and get an upset tummy.  He never once seemed to think it was too spicy!  I know I shouldn’t be too surprised.  Grampa, Omi, and Uncle Jared all really enjoy spicy food as well.  So I suppose Ben isn’t just his father’s son in this regard, but his grandpa’s grandson and his uncle’s nephew.  I had better buy stock in this spicy mustard they all love so much.

What’s this?
This stuff is really good!

And yes, it is official.  My toddler has a higher tolerance for spicy food than I do.  If you need me I’ll be over here with my bland food. 😉


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